Cricut Waterproof Stickers Tutorial

Make high-quality stickers by learning how to waterproof your stickers with the Cricut. The end result is a professional quality product!

What You Need

– Laminating Machine  – Laminating Pouches  – Matte Scotch Tape  – Brayer Tool – Blue Sticky Mat – 2 Pieces of cardstock – Cricut Machine

Design your stickers using your favorite program. I use Photoshop.

Now print at least 2 copies of your stickers, using Cricut Design Space to print.

Place the cardstock back to back, or on top of each other.

Place the stickers on top of the card stock.

Slide the stack into your laminating pouch.

Now put the pouch in the laminator and run through twice.

Cut the pouch open and pull them apart to prep them for cutting.

Using matte tape, cover the registration marks completly.

Place the stickers on the blue mat and use the brayer to make sure its secured.

Cut the stickers using the card stock settings. Watch the video for an extensive tutorial.