Glow In The Dark

Sublimation Tumbler Tutorial [Plus Video]

The only thing better than making your own tumbler is making a glow-in-the-dark tumbler! Anything that glows in the dark is automatically new and improved!

Print Your Design

Print your design using a sublimation printer. Don't forget to mirror the image. If you don't the image will be backward.

Trim Your Design

Trim the left and right sides of your design. You want to get rid of the white edge.

Prep the tumbler

Clean of any fingerprints, dust, and debris. You can use alcohol to wipe off fingerprints and a lint roller for dust.

Wrap the tumbler

Wrap the design tightly around the tumbler. Make sure everything is tight and secure to the tumbler to avoid ghositing.

Press The Tumbler

Put the tumbler in your Air Fryer, Convection oven, or mug/tumbler press to activate the ink.

Cool The Tumbler

Allow your glow-in-the-dark tumbler to cool completely before removing the transfer tape.

Grab The Full Tutorial

Check out the video for the full tutorial. Learn how to make a glow in the dark tumbler in the Air Fryer.