Hanging Cloud Plush

With Free Printable Template

DIY Cute Cloud Plush + Free Printable PDF Template!

Some of the supplies, such as the felt sheets, twine, and fabric scissors can be found at Dollar Tree. 

Supplies For the Cloud Plush

Use the fabric scissors and cut around the template while it is attached to a felt sheet. Do this for all peices.

Use the template to cut your design

Now its time for assembly

Depending on whether you are using fabric glue or a sewing machine, this is where you can get the kids involved.

You will want to glue, or sew the wrong sides.

Make sure to add the rosesof the cheeks, mouth and eyes to the front beforeattaching everything.

Before attaching the fronts and backs

Sew or glue around the edges leaving a small opening for the filling.

Now all that is left is to hang this cute cloud someplace it can be appreciated.