How To Layer Adhesive Vinyl

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Adhesive vinyl doesn’t have to be a headache and neither does layering it. Learn How To Layer Vinyl for your own Starbucks cups, without the Starbucks logo of course.

In your cutting program resize the images to 4 inches and cut them out using the permanent vinyl setting.

It should look like this when you are done.

Cut a piece of transfer paper just large enough to cover your design. Grab the 1st layer of the design. Place it over your design

Use your scraper to remove the air between the design and the transfer paper

Next, grab the other piece of your design line up the design the 2 layers

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Remove the paper backing by gently peeling it away.

Place the design onto your cup, I like to secure the middle then 1 side at a time

Again use the scraper to transfer the vinyl from the transfer sheet onto the cup.