Sublimation On 100% Cotton With Siser EasySubli

The first thing that is asked when a person learns about sublimation is how to sublimate on cotton shirts. Let's face it the look and feel of a polyester shirt isn't the best feeling thing and most are shiny and I hate that.

What You Need

– cotton shirt – Siser Easysubli – weeding tool – scraper – Cricut machine – Heat Press – Sublimation Printer

Print the design. You can use Cricut to cut.

Preheat your press to 320. And weed out your design.

Grab the masking tape and place it sticky side down onto the top of your design.

Use the scraper to transfer the tape to the design.

Put the design onto the shirt.

Place butcher paper or parchment paper down.

Press at 345 for 15-20 seconds.

Remove the tape and enjoy your shirt.