Easy Wooden Bunny Craft

Easter is coming up and what better way to decorate than with this adorable wooden bunny craft! They will bring a beautiful touch to your Easter celebration.

There are so many creative ways you can use this wooden bunny craft. Even if you are not creative, you will be able to make these work for you!

Wood Slices Pink Wired Burlap Ribbon Felt Bunny Feet Felt Pink Heart White Balloon Weight White Chalk Paint


Foam Paint Brush Hot Glue Gun Scissors Black Sharpie Paint Pen


Make sure you choose a wood slice for the bottom of the bunny that is able to stand up.


Paint one side of both wood slices with white chalk paint with two coats, letting dry in between the two coats.

Hot glue the two wood slices together, one on top of the other. Make sure to stand the larger wood slice to find the spot where it will stand up first before gluing the smaller wood slice to the top.

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