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Each child is unique, and they all learn in different ways so finding your child’s best learning method is crucial. Some kids need to get hands-on to truly understand something while others can thrive and learn simply by reading.

Traditional brick and mortar schools can only cater to this so much due to the diverse needs of many students in one classroom. Homeschooling allows you to take advantage of your child’s unique learning style to offer your child a custom education.

mother and daughter working on clipboard while sitting on a couch finding the child's best learning method

Finding Your Child’s Best Learning Method

The first step to customizing your child’s learning is to learn your child’s best learning method.

Kinesthetic learners are children that learn best through physical activity. These are the kids that love sports, tend to fidget, and can pick up on things they are learning faster when presented in a form of play or activity.

If your child is a kinesthetic learner, they can often be found practicing math with their hands and thrive when they can get hands-on with what they are learning. You can use this knowledge to tailor lesson plans to your kid.

Purchasing math blocks as well as small objects they can get hands-on with while learning can be of great help. Being able to meet your child’s learning needs will result in better learning and retention.

Your child’s best learning method may be auditory. Auditory learners often like to sing, talk about the things they are learning and can be found enjoying music and other forms of auditory sensory input.

When this is a child’s best learning method, you will see them thrive with lectures and from putting lessons into song to help them remember.

This can be a lot easier than you may think. Taking a song like “Jingle Bells” or “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and replacing the lyrics with words from your lesson can make a huge difference.

mother and daughter working on clipboard while sitting on a couch finding the child's best learning method while other daughter works on homework

Visual learners have a tendency to fall in love with visual arts and can often be found sucked into a screen of some sort. These children thrive with online classes, videos, and watching others as they teach them how to do something.

How To Get The Best Results

Your child’s best learning method may not always be just one. Children can be one, two, or even a combination of all three types of learners. The degree for each will vary by each child. Spend time observing how your child learns when they are discovering things on their own.

Do they go and try to figure out how to fix something through trial and error? Does your child tend to have videos playing without watching or playing audiobooks? Does your child watch a YouTube video to figure it out?  

Simply paying attention to these clues and giving them what they need will spark an interest and learning as well as make it easier. Your child’s education is in your hands and you have the power to make it great for them.

To find more assistance on homeschooling, check out the Printable Homeschool Schedule and 10 Things A Parent Should Know About Homeschooling.

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