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The transition to homeschool from traditional schooling can be a bit of a shock to families. With the stress of schools bouncing back and forth this year, more families are switching to homeschool to help their children thrive.

Here are some ways that you can help ease the transition for your child.

child in white shirt and wearing white headphones smiling as she works and has nice transition to homeschool

Transition To Homeschool

Taking some time off formal learning before diving into homeschooling will help the transition to homeschool. This is referred to as deschooling and is used as a way to reduce stress and allow your child to explore personal interests while learning through quality time with you and through play.

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce fun ways of learning to your child and instill a lifelong love of learning. Doing this will help them be successful as well as passionate about their education.

Try to make the first-day fun. When you do change back to more formal education look for a way to celebrate and make the first-day fun. A field trip, activity, or big science experiment are all great ways to make the most of your first day.

A lot of families choose to spend the first day with a NOT back to school party. This will help kids get excited about homeschooling and to help transition to homeschool. Doing so will help lift their spirits and even look forward to when they start.

Let your child help choose what you will be learning about. While most states require some subjects to be covered that still leaves a lot of time in the day to take advantage of child-led learning.

Ask your child about what they would like to learn and how they think you could learn about those topics. By mixing the topic into everyday learning, you are using your child’s interests to help them enjoy learning

child in white shirt and wearing white headphones smiling as she works and has nice transition to homeschool with notebooks in front of her and pencil in hand

How To Stay Social

The biggest thing parents worry about when they transition to homeschool is how kids will socialize. Homeschooling is not an island away from the rest of the world. When things settle down you will spend more time out enjoying things like parks, museums, and activities.

For now, take the time to get your child’s friends’ phone numbers so you can set up opportunities for them to be social and keep ties with friends from school.

If you are interested in more ways that you can ease your child’s transition to homeschool, take a look at this Free Printable Homeschool Schedule, How To Find Your Child’s Best Learning Method, and 10 Things A Parent Should Know About Homeschooling.

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