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I recently got a 50-watt laser from OMTech. Of course, I was and still am super excited about this laser. And if you have been around a while then you know I like to get to it! The first thing I wanted to do is make engraved custom pencils.

engraved pencils made with omtech 50 watt

Why? Because everyone loves personalized or custom engraved pencil sets. They make great birthday gifts, or for special occasions, and teacher gifts.

reusable jig for engraving pencils

They just overall make great gifts for any special occasion or for special events! You can also make them promotional pencils for your small business, and add your business name or company logo to these engraved pencils.

pencil jig for engraving pencils

In this video, I show you how to make a reusable jig. This jig is a pencil holder for your pencils while your laser engraves it. The pencil jig will hold the pencils in place while they are being engraved so that they don’t move around in the laser bed.

laser engraved pencils

They make the perfect pencils for party favors, promotional products, wooden pencils are also some crafter’s best sellers! There are lots of things you can add as a special message. And another great thing is the variety of colors available.

youtube image with jamela payne holding laser jig and engraved pencil

I made some for my elementary school babies and they thought that these were the best thing they have ever seen. They already think I am a superhero but this kind of set it in stone.

laser engraved pencils

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reusable jig for engraving pencils
Yield: 1 Pencil Jig For Laser Engraving

Custom Engraved Pencils + Reusable Pencil Jig Tutorial

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Learn how to make a custom reusable pencil jig. And also how to use it to engrave pencils on your laser cutter. These make great gifts!



  1. The first step is to measure your pencil, then open light burn on your computer, make and resize a square/rectangle to fit the size of the material you are using. I used a scrap piece of wood so I sized it to fit that. making a square in lightburn software
  2. Now make a second square and resize that. The measurements I used were 177.8mmx7mm, the pencils sat in without falling through. You may want to measure to make sure of your pencil size. Smaller square in lightburn
  3. And optionally you can add a spacer to mark where the eraser is on your pencil. Space where the eraser will be for engraved pencils
  4. Select your second rectangle (and spacer if you made 1) and then click on the array tool to fill the sheet with as many as you can and click ok.
  5. Now select the second rectangle again and all of its copies and then align them how you want to.
  6. Grab a circle, make it small enough to fit in a corner. And make sure that it is perfectly round. making a circle in lightburn
  7. Get the line tool and make a cross over the circle. Grab them both and align them to the center. Duplicate and add each set to the opposite corners of your material. making a cross over the center in lightburn
  8. Sit your material into the machine. Then in lightburn grab the outer frame of your objects and click on the frame button, just to make sure you have enough room framing in lightburn Repeat this step until you have the correct position.
  9. Now it's time to cut. Each laser and material is different, so use the settings that work with yours. But here are mine anyway. I used 20/25 for the cut and 200/20 for the score. cutting out a pencil jig for engraved pencils While it is cutting, turn everything on your screen to a tool layer and save your jig as something you can remember. For future cutting.
  10. Once your jig is all cut out, remove all of the voided pieces and now we can engrave. You can type out what you want on the pencils and engrave your first pencil if you haven't moved it. The next set of instructions is for when you are ready to make more.
  11. With your new jig in the same place on both your screen and in your cutter bed, in light burn select and move the laser to your first registration mark. moving laser to target position
  12. Now go back and adjust so the jig sits right in the middle of that registration point.
  13. Back in lightburn click tools > print and cut > set as the first target position. adjusting jig in laser bed
  14. Repeat for the second registration point, being careful not to move the first. Then save as second target position. setting print then cut target position
  15. Now add your pencils and engrave as usual. engraving pencils in a laser cutter


Ues Mr. Clean Magic Eraser To Clean Off The Soot From The Laser.

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  1. Are you able to make the project of the reusable pencil jig and engrave pencils with the new Gloforge Aura? If so are you able to provide all the process involved?
    Thank you

  2. Are you able to make the project of the reusable pencil jig and engrave pencils with the new Gloforge Aura? If so are you able to provide all the process involved?

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