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If you are looking for a unique valentine’s day gift for the kiddos to give at school, and you have a laser cutter. Then you are going to love these adorable Laser Cut Valentine’s Day Cards.

Colored laser cut valentines with animals on them

Everyone loves a DIY valentine’s day gift, and these cute greeting cards are 1 of many great ideas for valentines day. The cards feature super cute animals, heart shape score lines, and text that says Happy Valentine’s Day.

Colored laser cut valentines with animals on them

These laser-cut Valentine’s Day Cards will make your child’s classroom party amazing!

Colored valentines with animals on them

What Do I Need For Laser Cut Valentine’s Day Cards?

These cards are very inexpensive to make. They could actually even be made with scrap wood you have laying around. But here is exactly what I used.

Colored laser cut valentines with animals on them

I love a good project that uses minimal supplies. And these will be talked about for many years to come. These will for sure make this year’s Valentine a special day!

My valentines are made using 1/8th inch plywood. For projects like this, I like to use the utility ply from Home Depot. It’s less than $17 for a 4×8 sheet!

laser cut valentines youtube video image

How Can I Design My Own Laser Valentines?

Check out the video tutorial. In the tutorial, I walk you through how to make the file, how to set it up for the machine to cut it also how to paint with the markers.

If you plan on designing your own you will need Adobe Stock and Adobe Illustrator.

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Colored laser cut valentines with animals on them
Yield: 21 Laser Cut Valentine's Day Cards

How To Make Laser Cut Valentines Day Cards

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $20


  1. Load the SVG into your program. It is pre-sized so you shouldn't have to worry about changing the size unless you want them bigger or smaller. loaded laser cut valentines design into lightburn
  2. Check your focal length on the machine you use. set focal length on laser cutter
  3. Adjust your settings. Pay attention to which is your cut, score, and engrave lines. Then use create an array to fill the board.create array within lightburn
  4. Send it to your laser cutter. Cut with laser cut valentines with cutter
  5. When it is done cutting remove the material.
  6. Clean up any residue with baby wipes. Also, sand any edges that need to be sanded. Use paint markers or chalk markers to paint.

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