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Are you looking for free Cricut Valentine Ideas? Then you’re in the right place! This free Cricut Valentine’s Card design is the perfect Valentine’s day project. You can grab the free files below. 

This adorable card makes the perfect handout for your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day party. 

Cricut free valentines cars with purple and green straws.

Free Cricut Print Then Cut Valentine’s Day Card

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This card is perfect for a boy or a girl because it doesn’t have pink or red hearts all over it. But you can totally add them if you like! 

How Do I Make These Free Cricut Valentine’s Day Cards?

You can use your Cricut machine, whether it’s the Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, or even the compact Cricut Joy to make these free cards.

You will download the files from my free resource library. If you aren’t already a member you can sign up below. The files are in a zip format.

Cricut free valentines cars with pink, purple and green straws.

So you will have to unzip the files to access the free printables. The formats included are both png for use with your Cricut or even Silhouette Cameo or PDF to cut by hand.

The Free Cricut Valentine’s Card is a simple, flat card to make, so you won’t need a scoring tool or scoring wheel. Just cut it out using the template and then add your straw!

Cricut free valentines cars with pink, purple and green straws.

Cricut Print Then Cut

If you’re new to the print then cut feature in Cricut Design Space, it’s all about precision without the hassle. Instead of using scissors, your cutting machine does the heavy lifting, ensuring every score line and cut is perfect. But, the Cricut Machines don’t actually print; you’ll still use your home ink jet printer to print out the free cut files first.

the back of Cricut free valentines cars with pink, purple and green straws.

Tips for The Perfect Card

  1. Start Fresh: Ensure your Cricut mat is clean and sticky. A fresh mat means a smooth project.
  2. Print and Place: After printing your design, secure it on your Cricut mat. The blue light grip mat is perfect for paper crafts, ensuring your card or gift card comes out just right.

Why Choose a Cricut for Your Valentine’s Cards?

  • Precision: Every cut and score line is exact, making your cards look professionally made.
  • Tons Of Designs: With access to free Valentine’s Day SVG files and adorable designs in Cricut Design Space, your cards will stand out.
  • Fun for All: It’s not just about the end product; the process is much fun, making it a great way to spend time crafting.
Cricut free valentines cars with pink, purple and green straws.

Make The Cricut Valentine’s Card Your Own

Once your Cricut cut out, it’s time to add those personal touches. Use Cricut pens to write a sweet message on the back of the card or add embellishments to the front of the card. The possibilities are endless, and the best part? You can create these cards for personal use or even for commercial use, thanks to the free files available for download.

Cricut free valentines cars with pink, purple and green straws. With 1 flipped to the back

Making your own Cricut Valentine cards is an easy DIY project that’s sure to spread the love.

What You Need For These Free Print Then Cut Valentines

  • 60lb or less white cardstock
  • Silly Straws
  • Cricut Machine
  • home printer
  • Blue Cricut Mat

How To Make Them

  1. Load the image into Cricut Design Space.
  2. Print using the Print then Cut Feature.
  3. After it has printed remove it and place it onto a blue mat and cut with your Cricut.
  4. Unload them from the machine and remove them from the mat.
  5. Insert the straws into the backside of the cardstock.
Cricut free valentines cars with pink, purple and green straws.

Grab the free SVG!

Go to file #203 in the free resource library.

Where can I send the resource library files?

    More Valentine Craft Ideas To Try

    Free Valentine Printables To Use With Cricut Or Without
    Yield: 3

    Free Valentine Printables To Use With Cricut Or Without

    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Active Time: 15 minutes
    Total Time: 20 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy
    Estimated Cost: $5

    These free Valentine Printable Cards can be used with the Cricut or for you to hand-cut with the kids! Just print, cut and add your straws!




      Cutting By Hand
    1. Print out the design. If you haven't grabbed it, you can get the free Valentine printable at the link above.
    2. Using the paper cutter or scissors, cut the images apart from each other evenly.
    3. Last punch a hole in the top and bottom.
    4. Insert the straw from the back.

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