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I needed some ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts that were easy, fun and that the kids will love. Because life’s too short not to love your craft projects! LOL!

So, I pulled together these Valentine’s Day crafts that literally anybody can make so we can have a fun valentine crafting time together one weekend between now and the big V-day.

There’s everything from paper plate crafts, love bugs, Valentine cards, DIY gift ideas, and paper hearts.

Not a lot of pom pom crafts and mason jar decorating ideas because, at the end of the day, I started to see too many things that I was like “let’s do it ALL!” LOL!

So, get ready to make a heart-shaped heart garland with your Circut or a DIY Valentine day card for the teacher, because there’s a bit of it all.

Valentine’s Day Crafts That Literally Anybody Can Make

Valentine's Day Crafts

There's too much fun to be had with these easy Valentine's Day Crafts. You can literally lose yourself for hours in these--or just spend a few minutes having fun and making a little craft. I love it.

Are these Valentine’s Day Crafts That Literally Anybody Can Make wild?! I love ’em almost as much as those chalky conversation heart candies.

If you love them, too, be sure to pin it to your favorite easy crafts board so you can find it again quick!

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