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Princess Ariel may be the ruler of the sea but you have the chance to bring her to land…without the land legs. Create your very own paper Ariel with these easy instructions.

How To Make Princess Ariel Out Of Paper

princess Ariel paper craft

The directions for this craft are super simple. With the right materials and maybe a little sea magic, you will have the perfect little Princess Ariel.

Colored craft paper, glue, and scissors are the main supplies you will need for this craft. And, of course, you will need your limitless imagination.

Considering the easy directions and short craft time, this Princess Ariel craft is perfect for all ages. From the little ones with short attention spans to the older kids glued to their phones.

Ariel made out of paper with pink background

Making a Princess Ariel will work to get the family to do something together. Not only will you all be left with an adorable craft but each one will be different in their own way.

This craft is perfect for teaching the little ones that following directions is important as long as you know when you are able to stray a little bit. So maybe you shouldn’t glue her dress to the top of her head but you sure can definitely change the color of her top or tail!

paper princess craft with pink poms

When you have finished with your Princess Ariel craft, there are a lot of possibilities for uses. One of my favorites would be gluing it to a wooden craft stick and making a little puppet!

You can also make some of the other paper Disney princesses to build your own collection! No need to waste a trip to Disney Land if you have it in your room.

Making a Princess Ariel is a great way for the kids to sit back and take some time to just get crafty! Need more princesses? Check out this Princess Belle paper doll too!

Disney Princess Ariel Paper Doll Craft
Yield: 1

Disney Princess Ariel Paper Doll Craft

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

The directions for this craft are super simple. With the right materials and maybe a little sea magic, you will have the perfect little Princess Ariel.



  • Scissors


  1. Select a paper for the skin tone and also select mint, green, orange, and purple colored craft papers for this craft. Trace the hair pattern on the orange paper, the body base on the paper selected for the skin tone; trace the fin and tail on mint and green colored paper and the top on purple paper. Cut out the traced patterns nicely.
  2. Cut a slit along the traced line inside the hair template.
  3. Take the body base cutout and slide the head part through the slit from the bottom side of the hair. Use glue to fix the position of the hair and head once they are placed nicely.
  4. Attach the fin pattern on the fin part of the tale pattern.
  5. Attach the top pattern on the top side of eh body base and the tail pattern below the top, on the body base.
  6. Use a green marker pen to trace scalloped patterns on the tail pattern. Use a black marker to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the paper Ariel doll.

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