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These Easy DIY Magnetic Chores For Kids are a fun craft you can put together with the kids to help make doing chores fun. It’s simple and then turns chores into fun-times.

You’re just a few minutes away from getting this easy magnet set up on the fridge to keep the kids on-task and get chores done!

Magnetic Chores For Kids

And these chore chart magnets for kids are seriously great. I mean, it’s like we’ve suddenly turned doing chores into a game. And it’s not like the “game” isn’t without merit.

Because, while we’re playing, we’re getting great things done around the house, taking care of some of my biggest pet peeves that we could argue about for hours–hooooooooours.

Now, we’re just knocking them out, having a good time, and moving our magnet from the “to do” to “done”.

And my kiddo gets a visual reminder of accomplishment–which is amazing as a motivator to keep working.

What You Need to Make Magnetic Chores for Kids

Tips to Make a Magnetic Chore Chart for Kids

One of the things that always puzzled me before I made this magnetic chore chart was: does this really work? And let me tell you, if you have age-appropriate chore ideas, this can be an amazing tool for little kids or school-aged older kids.

But where do you even start?

  • Think about assigning chores based on age and individual ability.
  • Create a chore list with your kiddo so they’re doing some buy-in on their options.
  • Come up with some extra chores that are like “bonuses” for the kiddo to do that are a little outside the capability that will challenge them to learn a little bit more.
  • Give the kids plenty of time to actually accomplish the task. Once they get started “winning” the game, they’ll catch on and start to feel that accomplishment. But you don’t want this to be about nagging them every inch of the way. So let them go at their own pace and just gently remind them.

How Do You Know Which Chores to Assign Kids?

Now, this isn’t a list of age-appropriate chores for children. You can come up with household chores that are appropriate for you kiddos depending on their age group, but also that they’re individually ready for, depending on the contributions to the family that they’re capable of doing on their own.

For example, I’m not asking my youngest to do a bunch of random household tasks. But I do want to teach some life skills, so I’m doing things like “sort socks” which younger children can totally do.

Yeah, like my 3-year-old can fold wash rags–and older children can do yard work, but obviously, if your younger kids aren’t ready for that, you have to think about that.

Because each kid is not ready to write down the grocery list–but some might be.

It’s all about what your kid is ready and capable of doing.

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Magnetic Chores For Kids

Magnetic Chores For Kids

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

These DIY magnetic chores for kids are perfect for keeping my kid on task and "winning" at doing chores. Which is a total win for me!



  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Print off the chore printable and decide which chores you want to include in your magnets.  (You may want to print multiple sheets!  Parent’s choice is a lifesaver!) 
  2. Cut around each chore and set aside. 
  3. On the flat part of each gem, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge. 
  4. Place a chore image face down.  
  5. Seal a top layer of Mod Podge over the image. 
  6. Allow to fully dry. 
  7. Attach the magnets.


I’ve made these with both small individual magnets and magnetic tape.  Magnetic tape is my preferred way to go!  You can cut it to size and is strong.  Even though the tape is self-adhesive, I like to dab a bit of hot glue on it to ensure it stays on the magnet.  These are handled by our kids daily so the extra glue really helps to secure it!  

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