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This easy easter egg paper craft for kids is so fun and simple. They love putting together some fun decorated easter eggs to put in their baskets, but I love the less-mess!

Plus, it’s just fun to put together these paper Easter eggs with the kids. Making little ornaments for decorations or gifts for their teachers. The kids can hide them around the house, and not have to worry about if they lose them altogether.

easy kids craft egg

Because, at the end of the day, that’s something that really worries me about letting the kids hide eggs in the house. No, seriously! What if they lose one…and it sits there for a while…even if it’s boiled. Ewww.

It has never happened to me–but I can just imagine.

And my nose just imagines ewww.

easy paper egg craft for kids

Even those chocolate eggs you get that they’re doing an Easter egg hunt with…after it’s been hidden behind the couch for 10 days, I just don’t know that I want it.

So, this fun easter egg craft is soooooo much better than the traditional eggs the easter bunny hides.

eggs made from paper

Plus, these make absolutely adorable decorations that the kids can hang from indoor potted plants or just in a basket on our entryway table. It looks so sweet.

Honestly, I love the way these look and making a whole basketful with the kids is just such a fun way to make some Easter memories!

decorate easter eggs paper craft

What do I need to make this easy easter egg paper craft idea for kids?

For this project here is what you need:

If you are looking for a great way to “decorate” easter eggs without making a big wet mess. And the kids think it’s so much fun, they can make as many as they want!

Grab The Tutorial for This Easy Easter Egg Paper Craft For Kids

easter egg paper craft for kids
Yield: 1 Adorable Paper Easter Egg Craft

Easy Easter Egg Paper Craft For Kids

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

I love how easy these easy easter egg paper craft for kids turned out! Such a fun want to make some paper easter eggs in minutes!


  • Construction paper or Card Stock, solid or patterned



  1. Cut out 10-15 egg-shapes from the paper.
  2. Fold each egg-shaped piece of paper in half vertically. easter egg paper craft
  3. Glue the halves of egg-shaped paper together, back-to-back.easter egg made of paper how to glue together paper to make an easter egg
  4. Place a dollop of hot glue on the bottom of the egg and immediately stand it up on a piece of glass to form a base. how to make a paper easter egg craft for kids how to make the base
  5. Gently remove the egg base from the glass before enjoying it! This just helps them to sit up flat.

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