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This free printable camping bingo is so much fun for the family! This is a great way to get everyone playing together while spending some time in nature.

The next time that you’re looking for a family fun game, print out this camping bingo printable and get started!

The best part about printable games is that they can then be taken with you no matter wherever you go. Bingo is one of those games that never gets old!

Be sure to pack the s’mores if you’re playing camping bingo!

camping bingo printable cards with green and orange borders

A lot of people think that playing Bingo is just for the kids – but it’s not! This printable bingo game is perfect for family game night or gearing up everyone to get excited about going camping!

Free Printable Camping Bingo

The truth is, you can easily have a bingo game for all the varied times of the year. I created one for camping because we love camping!

What you’ll find in this free printable camping bingo printable are all items that are associated with camping. Some you may use, some you may not – but all are great for camping!

Bingo Tips and Ideas

There are a few rules that are set in stone when playing Bingo. First, everyone needs to keep their eyes on their own bingo cards.

And secondly, everyone needs to have bingo markers so that they can mark off the matches on their cards.

The great part about these camping bingo cards is that you can use items from nature as your bingo markers.

Have the kids gather up some small rocks or stones, or crumple up some leaves to use. When they see something that matches on the cards, they can cover it using their bingo markers.

camping bingo cards full of pictures like acorns, animals, and paw prints

Why Bingo?

Why not? The great thing about this free printable camping bingo game is that it doesn’t have any words on it. That means that all ages can play this bingo game without having to be able to read!

Keep in mind that Bingo is great for family fun, birthday parties, or just a fun way to pass the time on the weekend.

How to Play Bingo

Bingo is so easy to play! There are just a few steps to take and the Bingo game will be happening in no time at all.

Start by printing out the bingo cards

Print out the colorful bingo cards. I highly suggest that you laminate them so that they last! This is a great way to not have to print them over and over again.

(and if you laminate them, you can also use dry erase markers in a pinch as your bingo markers, too!)

Have everyone gather up their bingo markers

Make sure that everyone has a way to cover the matches on their bingo cards. This is important and has to be kept track of.

Decide how you’re going to play

You have options on how to play camping bingo. You can print out the cards and cut out the pictures and draw them out to play, or you can play at the campsite and see how many items you can see out in the real camping world!

Pick a bingo prize

Everyone knows that there has to be a bingo winner! Since this bingo card is camping-themed, be sure to have some fun camping prices! An extra s’more, a fun glowstick, there are so many prize options!

Have fun playing this free printable camping bingo game! It’s so much fun to do!

More Fun Ideas for Kids

free printable camping bingo pin template with bingo cards on it

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