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As you know I am an avid crafter and I was in need of a craft desk after heavy rain flooded my craft space and ruined most of the furniture I had. I knew that I wanted a craft table with ample storage.

I wanted something with a large work surface and plenty of storage space for my craft room. I looked all over the internet and didn’t find anything I liked with the storage options that I needed with as much storage as I wanted.

pin image for Michael's simply tidy diy craft table with storage

I decided to DIY my craft table because the best ideas come from myself. I have a dedicated space for my crafts. And I have plans for you!

Make Sure To Grab The Craft Table With Storage Plans Below!

The first thing I did was make a list of the things that I wanted on my craft table. These are the things I wanted

  • Something that held the overflow craft supplies without things looking a mess.
  • Counter height so it was comfortable to work with.
  • I needed to make sure that it was an affordable price craft table.
  • I wanted a large craft table that I could use in the video and you only see the table in the shots.
  • And on wheels so that I can store it against the wall, but pull it out into the open spaces when working on it.
front of finished craft table with storage front made with simply tidy modular storage from Michael's

My DIY craft table with storage turned out amazing. And in all honesty, it would work out perfectly also for a small room, because all of your crafting materials are right inside the craft table and you don’t have to suck up too much more of your available space.

image for craft table plans

Click To Grab The Plans

The best part is that it will last a long time. This is the most practical and affordable craft table that I have had, ever. And it beats any storage cabinet and was really easy to make.

So the next time that you are in the market for a new craft table, you can make your own craft table with storage!

back of diy craft table with storage using Michael's simply tidy storage

Want To Know How The Parts In This Craft Table With Storage Compares To Ikea?

I wrote up an amazing comparison post, comparing Michael’s Simply Tidy to Ikea. Check out Michael’s Simply Tidy vs Ikea Storage.

If you are looking for more ideas for your Craft Room, check out these Ideas from the Country Chic Cottage!

front of finished craft table with storage front made with simply tidy modular storage from Michael's
Yield: 1 72 x 36 Inch Table

How To Build A Large Craft Table With Storage

Prep Time: 1 hour
Active Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $270

Make your own DIY Craft table with storage using Michael's Simply Tidy Storage. This easy tutorial will show you just how to make your own large craft table with storage.



  1. Put all of your shelving together, according to the instructions in the box. Set them aside. pieces to michael's simply tidy storage
  2. Using your cubes, lay these side by side on top of your precut melamine board. Essentially the way you want it to look in the end. I left 4 inches on either side of mine and 4 inches on the back. I made the front flush with the cubes. michaels simply tidy storage side by side
  3. Add the Depth stop to your 1/2 inch drill bit. Drill down a little under 1/2 inch. Add the female side of the couplers into the holes. placing female casters into a hole I drilled Use something to secure them inside the holes. I used UV resin. Set the melamine aside.
  4. Add wheels to 2 of the cubes. add wheels to the simply tidy cubes Now attach the other set of cubes to the top of the 1's wheels using the supplied casters.
  5. Connect half cubes to the Mobile Chest (drawers). Arrange the cubes and lock all of the wheels. Simply tidy storage arranged for craft table with storage
  6. Get someone to help you flip the table top onto the storage and then using the screws secure the top to the cubes. craft table with storage with table top on
  7. Use a clamp to keep the shelving aligned, and secure each 1 of them together with the other side of the casters. (if you have drilled too far, see notes)
  8. Use your brackets to attach the units together so that they stay together when you move them. brackets holding together simply tidy unit
  9. Now load up your craft table with storage! front of finished craft table with storage front made with simply tidy modular storage from Michael's


My Screws were inset too much, so I took 1 of the male couplers to my hardware store and got 1 that was a little longer so that it fit.

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pin image for simply tidy craft table with storage

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