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I purchased my first Dreambox Storage in April of 2021. When the delivery hub called to set up my delivery, I was so excited. I did tons of research prior so I didn’t have a lot of questions when it arrived.

I got the Dreambox storage because I needed a more organized space. After looking at the craft store and online I decided that there was nothing that would ever compare to having a new Dreambox.

My Dreambox is a space saver and Create Room offers so many amazing craft storage solutions to help you organize your crafts.

full view of dreambox storage cabinet full with craft supplies inside

I can’t remember the first time that I saw the Dreambox back then it was called the Workbox. And it was made by the original Scrapbox. But I knew I had to own my own Dreambox.

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How Big Is The DreamBox Craft Storage Unit?

When it is open, and the table is out the DreamBox Storage Measures 9 feet wide and 4.08 feet deep. But close is where the magic happens. Closed this Craft organization closet measures only 3 feet 1 inch wide and 2 feet 10 inches deep.

Dreambox craft storage closed

Looking at the DreamBox closed you would never imagine that it has this much space. But on the inside, there is tons of space.

my dreambox crate before I opened it

The size of the DreamBox Storage Cabinet, causes it to have to be shipped freight. My first DreamBox was inside of a wooden box, I was so happy when this 1 came in cardboard. It was much easier to dispose of. But this is probably because this time I got the pre-built service.

How Is The DreamBox Storage Delivered?

The DreamBox is delivered by a freight company. For what is usually curbside delivery, which is the end of the driveway. But you can ask the driver if they can bring it closer to the house. They are not required to bring it any closer than that.

Mine brought it all the way in the garage! You can see him bringing it in here.

CreateRoom ships your DreamBox to the freight company and then the company contacts you for them to deliver.

When I did the DIY service with my first 1, to make the DreamBox assembly a little more pinless I opened the crate in the garage

My delivery driver stuck around to make sure that it wasn’t damaged because of the damage to the cardboard. The contents were packed amazingly so there was no damage to my DreamBox.

Jamela Payne Standing next to her new dreambox inside the garage.

My freight driver also grabbed a forklift and brought it into my garage. He was amazing.

My DreamBox Storage came in 3 pieces so there was not much assembly at all this time. It was well worth the upgrade.

How Long Does It Take To Assemble A DreamBox?

This is totally going to depend on what you choose. Because I got the pre-built service it came in 3 pieces, even the table! All I had do was add the side doors to the central storage space, add the adjustable shelving, and put in my totes and jars for accessories.

It was a very easy process that took me an hour or 2.

dreambox in 3 pieces, prebuilt assembly.

When I did the DIY DreamBox, and I had to put it together myself I did it over 2 days. And part of day 2 was because I had misread the instructions and had put a part together. It’s not exactly hard but it does take some time, maybe 8-10 hours.

full view of dreambox storage cabinet full with craft supplies inside

Can You Use The DreamBox In A Smaller Workspace?

Yes, the DreamBox storage is great if you have a dedicated craft room or a small area in the dining room. The design makes it amazing for any space.

The Storage Cabinet open measures 9 feet wide and sits out 4.08 feet from the wall. It will even fit into the average walk-in closet which is 7×10 feet.

Click to download the full dimensions and measurements.

The Dreambox is the perfect place to store all of your craft supplies and some! The Dreambox is great for Cricut Crafters, Sewing Crafters, Paper Crafters and so much more!

And the fact that it has built in table space and closes fully means no more messy dining table!

pre built dreambox with doors open

How Hard Is It To Assemble The DreamBox?

I do recommend the pre-built service (that is what I did this time around. It was totally worth the extra cost. I did the DIY assembly the first time and although it is not hard, it took too much time and lots of patience.

Because I got the prebuilt service, my DreamBox came in 3 pieces. Everything else was already assembled. Even the wheels were already assembled onto the cart!

When I did the DIY, it seemed like there were a million pieces that I had to put on and assemble. Pre-built was definitely less frustrating.

What Does The Dreambox Come With?

prebuilt dreambox storage on a pallet

You will get over 663 cubic inches of storage for your craft supplies. But inside the crate is as follows.

  • Inview totes (they are clear totes that you can use for even more craft storage.) These acrylic totes are in 3 different sizes.
  • 18 Large Totes – 12.75″ x 12.75″ x 3″
  • Shoebox Totes – 12″ x 5.5″ x 4.5″
  • Notions Totes – 12″ x 2.3″ x 3″
  • 78 Inview Tote tracks
  • 16 Shoebox Tote Dividers
  • 42 Notions Tote Dividers
  • Built-in craft work area with adjustable table height.
  • 36-inch standing height
  • 29-inch sitting height
  • Adjustable shelves underneath the table are perfect for storing your Sewing machine, Cricut Machines, and portable Heat Presses.
  • Easy to open swing doors, so if your craft space doubles as something else you can easily close the doors on your Dreambox Storage cabinet and it will look like a normal piece of furniture!
  • Clear-lidded jars for storing small items like beads and buttons.
  • Steel caster wheels
  • hooks for hanging things like scissors
  • rods for storing tape and ribbon

How Heavy Is A DreamBox Storage Cabinet?

Each side of the DreamBox weighs 140lbs and the center of the box weighs 250lbs. This is where those wheels will come in extra handy!

dreambox central storage area

How Much Does a CreateRoom DreamBox Cost?

Even though the DreamBox Storage Cabinet is a big investment, you don’t have to have deep pockets to get one.

As of the date of this post, the Dreambox base model at its lowest DreamBox price is $2499. But CreateRoom has some great financing options where you can make monthly payments!

The base model without upgrades includes:

  • A White Ergo (a melamine finish) DreamBox Storage Cabinet
  • Half set of InView totes
  • Clear Jars
  • Metal Rods
  • Acrylic door guards
  • Table with adjustable legs
  • and DIY Assembly

Some upgrades are:

  • Colors White Shaker and Farmhouse Gray
  • Full set of totes
  • Prebuilt service
  • Crown with light
  • 3 Built-in drawers
  • And you can also bundle it with other furniture like side tables and sew station.
full view of dreambox storage cabinet full with craft supplies inside

Is The DreamBox Worth The Price?

The DreamBox Storage is 100% worth the price. This cabinet can be your sole piece of craft furniture. With the amount of crafting supplies, you can store in this thing and the fact that there is a built-in table. Chances are you won’t need to add any more furniture to your creative space.

If you think about the amount of money we pay for a storage piece here and another there you can definitely see it’s 100% worth it!

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  1. I loved the way you educated me on the DreamBox. I got scammed from this Hectore sight that was selling this DreamBox for $52. I was to good to be true. Now that I see the true price. Will be a lot of saving up. Thanks a lot Jamela. You ROCK!

  2. Does the Dreambox come with all the clear containers to fill all the shelves and cubbies?

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