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This adorable unicorn journal is twelve pages of printable fun that your little ones are sure to enjoy. It is so easy to access and it will take them some time to complete it, which gives you time to relax. 

Not only is this journal super cute in every way, but it will also be exciting to complete, and I am saying this as an adult. There is so much fun and creativity to be had with this and the kiddos will love it. 

pin image for unicorn journal

Teaching the kids to journal is a great activity that they can use all their life. Even though this journal has some prompts to help them write out various things, it’s still a good process for them to start to learn and use.

Even as an adult, journaling is an excellent way to remember the day, remember events, and focus on the good. Why not have the kids use this fun unicorn journal to accomplish that now?

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Fun Ways To Use This Unicorn Journal

When it comes to using this unicorn journal, there are so many options! The first is to have the kids use it just as it’s printed as this will help them build confidence and have fun while doing so.

You can also use this journal as a way to open up their imaginations. They’ll love being able to think about things that they want to write and then communicate them as they want. Keep in mind that this journal is their space to write their thoughts and be creative so let them do just that!

This journal would be a super fun idea to have for any unicorn fan. Print off and have it waiting for them as a surprise and let them complete it on their own terms. They may rush through it as fast as they can or slowly complete it at their own pace.

When it comes to writing in this unicorn journal, however, they want to do so is totally up to them!

Unicorn Journal Collage

Unicorn Journal

One of the best things about this printable unicorn journal is that it will double as exciting and a learning tool. The little ones can have fun coloring while also working on their reading and writing skills. 

They will be enjoying themselves while also working on essential skills that will help them develop as they go. The best way to help little kids learn is by making them unaware that they are learning to begin with. 

Another cool thing about this journal is that if you have more than one little one around, you will be able to see the differences between them. Their individual creativity will show which is a great sight to see. 

Printing out this unicorn journal is super simple and you can do it more than once if you would like to. All you have to do is download the printable and send it to your printer so the fun can begin. 

If you have other little ones in the house, make sure that you print them out so that they can all have their very own journal! It’s such a big deal to have something of your very own that you can complete and use!

The illustrations in this printable are so cute and your little ones are bound to love it. I think I may fill it out too in order to relieve a little bit of stress over the weekend. You are never too old for unicorns and coloring!

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