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Personalized beaded name bracelets have always been a trend that never ends. If you haven’t already, it is time to hop on board. 

These instructions will lead you to make your own cute and simple beaded bracelets. And people of all ages can do it!

two beaded bracelets; one with clear beads and letter beads in the middle that spells out "trista"; the other is all blue

Beaded Name Bracelets

Grab your little ones and sit them down for some fun arts and crafts time. They can make bracelets with their names and so much more. 

Learning how to make name bracelets with beads is super simple. You will be so surprised.

I remember giving my best friend in middle school a beaded bracelet with my name on it. That way, everyone would know that she is my best friend. 

This is such a cute way to show how much you care about someone. And it does not really have to stop at names. 

two beaded bracelets; one with clear beads and letter beads in the middle that spells out "trista"; the other is all blue

You can create these name bead bracelets in your favorite colors. These DIY bracelets are a fun way to remember friends at summer camps too!

The best part about making your own custom bracelets is that each of these beautiful bracelets has a little bit of you in them!

You could also make matching bracelets for you and a friend. I think I may make a bracelet with my dog’s name on it.

There are so many ways that you can personalize your beaded bracelets. Names, of course, would be the most common way to go. 

You and the kiddos will have a fun time working together on these bracelets. And you know for sure that they will be unique to you. 

When you get your beads for the project, try to get an assortment of colors to use. That way, there is nothing holding you back from creativity. 

There is a multitude of beads that you can use for these. You have gold filled beads, spacer beads, letter beads, seed beads, colored beads, and so much more.

Just design it, tie a knot, and finish up your name bracelet or friendship bracelet.

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How To Make Beaded Name Bracelets
Yield: 1

How To Make Beaded Name Bracelets

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

A custom name bracelet makes a great gift. You can easily incorporate different colors, small beads, large beads, and even wooden beads to create these name-bead bracelets. Learn how to make a name bracelet in this amazing tutorial!



  1. Cut a piece of elastic cord about 9” in length, tie a loose single knot on one end of the bracelet, and attach the other end to the beading needle.clear elastic string with loose knot tied at the end
  2. Look at the size chart and lay your beads on the table next to the ruler in the order you want them to lay. This way if you have a name you’d like in the center, you know it will be even on both sides.bead needle on clear elastic string
  3. Use your bead needle to easily pick up the beads and slide them onto the open end of the string.sliding blue beads onto string using bead needle
  4. Once all beads are on the cord in the correct order, take the two ends of the cord, tie an elastic cord knot (see photo 6) close to the beads, and pull tight.finishing adding the beads onto the string; letters spell out "jewel"
  5. Follow the directions of the e6000 glue, dab the knot into the glue, and let dry. This step will prevent the beads from falling off of the stretch bracelets. tying up bracelet and using glue as needed to finish it of


Size guide: XS - 6.25”S- 6.50”M- 6.75”L- 7”XL- 7.25”

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