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There are a lot of fun ways for you to accessorize yourself or others, but have you ever made your own beaded earrings? If not, you are definitely in luck.

This craft will blow your mind when it comes to simplicity as well as time management. You will never want to go out and buy your own again after you learn this method!

beaded earrings

Beaded Earrings

Some people find it easier to buy your own beaded earrings rather than make your own. Others, like myself, take pride and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from making your own.

If you have never done a craft like this, you chose the right site to find some instructions and guidance. The directions are so simple, making them perfect for beginners.

With just a few materials that you will need for the craft, you will be ready to begin making your beaded earrings. You can find the materials at your local craft store, or maybe even around your home.

diy accessories

When it comes to making your beaded earrings, there are a lot of ways that you can make them unique. After all, crafting is all about individualization and expressing personality.

You can choose your own colors and even style for your earrings with this craft. You will just follow the directions while taking a few liberties to your liking.

It will be surprising how quickly you will have a set of beaded earrings that are ready to wear. You can make a pair for any outfit or occasion, thus completing your wardrobe.

diy earrings

You really will love the outcome you will get after putting in a little bit of time and work. Making your own beaded earrings has never been easier and you will never want to stop!

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diy accessories
Yield: 2

How To Make Easy Beaded Earrings

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $20

Some people find it easier to buy your own beaded earrings rather than make your own. Others, like myself, take pride and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from making your own. 


  • Jewelry wire – 16 gauge
  • Memory wire
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Earring Hooks
  • Jump rings
  • Seed beads
  • Round 1 cm or 1.5 cm bead


  1. Grab the 16 gauge wire bundle and cut out 2 pieces of wire (of the same length, the pieces I used were 12 cm long). Create 2 small loops at both ends of each wire piece.
  2. Use a round object to form a circular piece with the wires. Make sure to bring the looped ends close to each other, keeping about 1 cm gap between them. You can hammer the wire circle base to give it a sturdy finishing.
  3. Grab a long piece of memory wire (24 cm or more). Coil the memory wire 3 or 4 times around the circle wire band near its curved side (opposite to the loops).
  4. Insert a bead (1.5 cm or 1 cm diameter) into the coiled wire through its open end. Bring the bead near the bottom side of the band and coil the open end of the wire around the band where the bead ends.
  5. For the next layer I’m using golden seed beads. Insert the beads into the wire through its open end and draw the beaded wire around the top open end of the first large bead.
  6. Once the beading reaches the other side of the bead and band, coil it around the band tightly again.
  7. Continue adding beaded wire layers until you’re happy with the beading pattern. After reaching the end of the beading coil the remaining wire around the band tightly and cut extra if necessary.
  8. Attach jump rings through the 2 loops on the wire and then attach another jump ring by connecting the 2 previous jump rings. Attach an earring hook with the middle jump ring to complete the earring.
    Similarly, craft the other pair.

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