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This Cricut Dry Erase Calendar is so easy to make, all you need is A Cricut Maker or other cutting machine, some vinyl, and transfer tape and you will have a dry erase masterpiece!

This DIY monthly calendar is made with a plexiglass sheet. And I love it so much better than the traditional paper calendar because it is reusable!

side view of finished dry erase calendar

Just grab some dry-erase markers or chalk markers and write out your month right on the acrylic calendar. When the month is over, spray with a mild soap or use dishwashing detergent and give it a good cleaning so you can start over.

Can I Make A Calendar With My Cricut?

Yes, you will just cut out the vinyl, weed the excess vinyl and apply the vinyl to the acrylic board. You will have to use transfer tape for this project.

You can grab my SVG file, or you can flex your creativity and create your own design to cut out with your Cricut Machine or even Silhouette Cameo.

close up view from the bottom of a Cricut vinyl calendar

How To Make A Cricut Dry Erase Calendar?

This acrylic wall calendar is pretty easy to make, here is how you make a Cricut dry-erase calendar.

You will need:

The acrylic I use, I get from amazon and it is already precut to the exact size that I need for this project. I wanted a large 24×26 inch calendar, but you can definitely make yours smaller.

You will just need to make sure to get the appropriate size acrylic and also resize the SVG files to fit your board.

showing Cricut calendar full view

Cricut Dry Erase Calendar Idea

This calendar is huge, I also made a chore chart for my girls that sits right next to it. I write everything I can out at the beginning of the month.

This way, at a glance I can look and see which activities the girls have coming up.

I am working hard on organizing my life and also my business. The organization really does make life easier!

If you try this out, come back and let me know what you think!

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side view of finished dry erase calendar
Yield: 1 Dry Erase Calendar

How Do You Make A Cricut Dry Erase Calendar?

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $40

This Cricut dry erase calendar was both fun and easy to make! It measures 24x36 and has been a lifesaver for my family!



  • Cricut Machine
  • Drill


  1. Prepare the file by slicing it into manageable sections in Cricut Design Space. Try not to slice through the lines. Cut out the design in the Cricut design space. Use the vinyl setting and make sure to mirror the design. Now, weed all sections out. weeding vinyl for cricut dry erase calendar
  2. Cut into manageable pieces being careful not to cut into the design. cutting vinyl into manageable pieces
  3. Remove the paper backing from 1 side of the acrylic and plan out how you are going to place the pieces you have cut. Transfer each piece to transfer tape. planning where to place the vinyl on large acrylic sheet
  4. Apply transfer tape and burnish well on both sides. Transferring vinyl to transfer tape.
  5. Remove the paper backing from the vinyl. removing paper backing from vinyl
  6. Now transfer the design to the acrylic, 1 by 1. Using parchment paper to figure out where you want to place the design helps with having the vinyl stick before you are ready. using parchment paper to fine tune vinyl placement
  7. Bernish the vinyl really well using a scraper. burnishing vinyl for transfer
  8. Lay the transfer paper flat to remove it, leaving the vinyl behind on your acrylic sheet. removing transfer tape from acrylic sheet.
  9. Once you have placed all pieces of the design, paint the back and allow it to dry. painting the back of an acrylic dry erase calendar
  10. Measure where you want to place your stand-off screws. measuring before drilling holes
  11. Drill holes in each corner, making sure they are big enough to fit your stand-off screws. (pro tip: pay attention to the size of the stand-off screws you get or you can use a caliper to measure them prior to drilling) drilling holes into acrylic
  12. Fremove the paper from the other side of the acrylic. removing paper from acrylic
  13. Measure and drill holes in the wall to match where you want it to hang. You will have to add a screw into the wall side of the standoff screws. Finished Cricut dry erase Calendar
cricut dry erase calendar pin image

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