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I can not tell you how excited I am about this embossed sister brick 600 hat. For this hat design, I layered 3 specialty types of vinyl for this hat.

My base layer is the Siser brick 600, the layer over that is Siser Easyweed Stretch and I finished it with a border using Siser Flock Strip.

Jamela Payne wearing a blue hat with red embossed siser brick hat

I actually made 2 of these hats, the second 1 I used Siser glow. But the Siser Stretch was hands down my favorite!

The Siser Stretch is the red 1 and the Siser Glow is white. I am going to.

blue hat layered with siser brick 600 layered with easyweed stretch

What Is Siser Brick 600?

Siser Brick 600 is Siser’s thickest heat transfer vinyl. This is 1 of Siser’s many specialty materials and is 600 microns thick (which equates to 0.023622 inches). This flexible heat transfer vinyl is great for garment decorating. It was designed to use for smaller logos.

Siser brick will add a little extra dimension to you and your children’s clothing.

Siser brick works with any cutter and you can find the settings for Silhouette Cameo or other machines on this page. It is even safe for laser systems!

Can You Layer Siser Brick 600?

You can only layer this thicker material only if using the embossing method. The embossing method is exactly what I did here in this tutorial.

You will need to use the brick heat transfer vinyl as the bottom layer of the design. The thinnest materials (stretch works best) will go over the top of the thick flexible material causing an embossed look.

The matte finish of Siser brick looks great stand-alone on caps, and bags and are great for left chest logos.

close up of hat made with siser stretch and siser brick 600

What Is SIser Brick Used For?

For the most part, Siser brick is very similar to traditional HTV. The material is pretty easy to cut. I used the cardstock light setting and ran it through twice to be safe.

It is a cool peel, which means that you will allow the vinyl to cool before you peel the carrier sheet off. But you apply the design as normal.

pin image for siser brick 600

How Do You Apply Brick Vinyl?

With Siser Brick you will use medium to firm pressure to press the design. You do need to preheat the garment for 2-3 seconds. After the preheat, apply the design to the material.

front close up of a hat made wit siser brick with the walakut hat press in the back

You will press for 10-15 seconds. If after it has cooled you remove the transfer sheer you notice areas of the design lift, then cover the design with kraft paper or some sort of non-stick cover sheet and re-press to make sure you have it secured.

You can find the full application instructions below.

How Do I Wash Garments With Siser Brick Vinyl?

You need to wait 24 hours before the first wash. Just to give the adhesive time to really adhere. After that wash with mild detergent and dry on a low dryer setting.

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blue hat layered with siser brick 600 layered with easyweed stretch
Yield: 1 Embossed Hat

How To Emboss A Hat With Siser Brick 600 Vinyl

Prep Time: 7 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 17 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $15

Make an awesome embossed hat with Siser Brick 600. This easy-to-follow tutorial walks you through how to get this effect using Siser Brick 600 and Siser EasyWeed Stretch to get this fantastic Embossed look.


  • Siser Brick 600
  • Siser Stretch
  • Hat Blank
  • Siser Strip Flock pro
  • Butcher Paper


  • Hat Press
  • Weeding Tool
  • Cricut Machine
  • Cricut Mat
  • Tape Despenser
  • Heat Tape


  1. Create your design and use offset to make a solid shape that will cover the whole design. Place your hat on your hat press. Placing hat on your to the walakut cap press
  2. Preheat the press to 310 degrees Fahrenheit. preheating hat press
  3. Lint rolls the hat to remove any hairs or fibers. lint roll the hat
  4. Once you have preheated. the press, you are going to preheat the hat for 2-3 seconds. preheating a hat with the walakut cap press
  5. First lay down the Brick 600, and tape it to secure the design on the hat, you will press it for 20 seconds. siser brick 600 on a hat inside a hat press
  6. Siser Brick is cold peel, so allow it to cool before removing the transfer backing. pealing the transfer backing from siser brick
  7. Now lay down the stretch vinyl, tape, and press for 20 seconds. placing red siser stretch over brick vinyl
  8. Siser stretch is a warm peel. So you can remove the vinyl right after the press. peeling transfer backing from siser stretch vinyl
  9. Cover with butcher paper and give it all 1 last press.
  10. And now you have a new embossed hat made with Siser brick 600!


The more times you press the deeper your embossing looks.

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