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I love some good fall decor and this Cricut Infusible Ink Fall Pillow Cover is 1 of my favorite things this season! These new pillows are just what I needed to spruce up my living space!

Infusible Ink’s smooth transfers were a game changer in themselves, but now with all of the new Cricut Blanks coupled with amazing seasonal designs, I have a new pillow at least once a week!

cricut infusible ink fall pillow on a gray couch

Can I Make This Infusible Ink Fall Pillow Cover With The Cricut Explore Air?

Yes! Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets are actually compatible with any cutting machine! These sheets are the equivalent of sublimation, where you will get professional results.

Cricut Infusible Ink is not a raised design that you can feel like you can with heat transfer vinyl. These pro-quality heat transfers infuse into the compatible Infusible Ink Blanks, and they produce amazingly vibrant colors that will never fade.

Infusible Ink Fall Pillow Cover

What Is A Compatible Cricut Blank For Infusible Ink?

Any sublimation blank is also compatible with Cricut Infusible Ink. However, Cricut’s Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets do require a specific material. Incompatible blanks will not hold the design. Infusible Ink Pens and Transfer Sheets don’t work the same way as heat-transfer vinyl, you have to use polyester blanks, the correct amount of heat, and pressure.

Cricut has a whole has of their own transfers, but you can check out Best Blanks to find everything that is compatible. Cricut has the following available:

And I am sure there will be more to come!

For more blanks that work with infusible ink, check out this post Best Blanks for Sublimation: A Comprehensive Guide

Infusible Ink Fall Pillow Cover

Do Infusible Ink Projects Also Work With HTV?

Yes, Cricut Infusible Ink designs are the same as those you use for iron-on. Because you use your cutting machine to make cut out the design you will use SVG files with these too!

If you are ready to try out pro-quality heat press transfers, pop this design into Cricut Design Space and make some new pillows for fall! You can keep them for yourself or even gift them out!

And if you are looking for Infusible Ink Alternitaves, then you should read Cricut Infusible Ink Dupe on Amazon! from my friend over at The Denver Housewife.

Grab the free SVG!

Go to file #38 in the free resource library.

Where can I send the resource library files?

    Infusible Ink Fall Pillow Cover
    Yield: 2 Cricut Infusible Ink Pillow Cover s

    How To Make A Cricut Infusible Ink Pillow Cover

    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Active Time: 15 minutes
    Total Time: 20 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy
    Estimated Cost: $20

    If you are like me and love to switch out pillows with the change of seasons. Then you will want to learn how to make this Cricut Infusible Ink Pillow cover!


    • Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets
    • Infusible Ink Pillow Cover
    • Heat Tape
    • Green Mat
    • Butcher Paper
    • Pillow Inserts
    • Free Handpicked Pumpkins SVG File (find it above)


    • Cricut Machine
    • Brayer Tool
    • Lint Roller
    • EasyPress or Heat Press


    1. Apply The Infusible Ink Transfer to your cutting mat's shiny side up (where you see the ink color,) down. Use a clean brayer to avoid transferring oil from your hands. Apply The Infusible Ink Transfer to your cutting mat's shiny side
    2. Load the transfer into your Cricut machine. Load the transfer into your Cricut machine
    3. Cut the design using the infusible ink setting with more pressure and then weed out the negative pieces. For best results, use your hands to crack and peel away the excess paper. weed out the negative pieces of infusible ink
    4. Using a lint roller, remove any dust and debris from your pillow cover. Place the pillow cover onto the EasyPress mat and then put on the Infusible Ink Transfers face down (you should NOT see the colored parts of the pillow design). Add a piece of butcher paper on top, big enough to cover the entire design. There will be butcher paper inside the box. Infusible Ink Transfers face down
    5. Press at 380 for 60 seconds. You are going to set your EasyPress down and not touch it till it beeps. If you are using a heat press you just need light pressure. Do not touch it after lowering either press before it is done to avoid ghosting. Once you hear the beep, lift the press without moving and allow it to cool.
    6. Remove the tape and the Infusible Ink Sheet to reveal the cute design. revealing infusible ink design
    7. That's it enjoy your new throw pillows!

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