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I am calling all crafting and small businesses! Have you seen the all-new Cricut Venture machine? 

This new Cricut machine is seriously drool-worthy!

Cricut Venture machine on custom rolling stand in a blue room with a peg board.

Not only does it have a beautiful design, but it’s also efficient and functional for the right person.

It has the power to make larger-scale projects so much faster and easier.

It can cut huge batches of unique designs in a fraction of the time it would take with other machines so that you can finish bulk orders faster.

And it is optimized for handling large materials.

Wouldn’t you agree that is drool-worthy?

But who is this new machine for? And the most prominent question people are asking is – Is this the right machine for me?

I am going to answer all of that and more! But first, I want to share in more detail what exactly the Cricut Venture machine is.

Cricut Venture machine sitting on a table in a blue room.

What Is The New Cricut Venture?

The Cricut Venture is a new model cutting machine made from Cricut. But this isn’t like the other Cricut machines you can buy, like the Cricut Explore or Cricut Joy.

The Cricut Venture is a large format machine that can handle much larger designs and projects.

The Cricut Venture is hands down the largest cutting machine you can buy from Cricut right now!

Okay, but why is that valuable?

Why is The Cricut Venture Valuable?

A machine like this can make your life much easier and faster.

You no longer have to take the time and energy to cut out each piece of your project manually. You also don’t have to cut or print one item at a time.

Did I mention this is also the company’s fastest machine, so it will truly speed up your process?

As small business owners, I’m sure you know that time is money. With this machine, you can save precious minutes that will allow you to focus on other essential tasks.

The Cricut Venture also allows you to expand what you can offer to your customers, such as larger-scale projects and bulk orders.

Woman peeling pin vinyl flowers on a table for keychain project.

Key Features Of Cricut Venture That You Need To Know

Physical Size

Being the largest machine Cricut has to offer, you should be aware of the physical size of this machine.

It is pretty large and takes up quite a bit of space, so be sure you have enough space to set it up.

That machine itself weighs almost 35 pounds, and the dimensions are 8.81 inches x 34.82 inches by 10.4 inches.

Cutting stickers out on a blue cutting mat.


Because of the size of this machine, the engineers at Cricut worked hard to make a design that would still work in any space.

The space-saving design they came up with was this sleek, angled design. In addition to this giving the machine a modern style, it also helps the device fit in any space!

And the best news is the design is table-friendly, thanks to the way you load the materials!

You can also purchase the connected platform option, which allows you to move the Cricut machine around and work with materials easily. The docking stand does cost extra, but it might be worthwhile for some users. 

Cutting Area & Speed

The Cricut Venture has a maximum cutting width of 24 inches, which makes it possible to work with larger materials.

Plus, the cutting speed is 25 inches per second, which is commercial speed. That is lightning fast!

And that’s not all. You can also cut up to 75 repeated single images or do a single image up to 12 feet.

Suffice it to say you can work with large projects that previously would have taken days to complete, and now you can do them within minutes!

Cricut cutting machine on rolling stand in front of grey wall with pink and blue flowers.


Thanks to the size and power of this machine, you can also work with over 100 types of popular materials and tons of specialty materials.

Some of the materials mentioned on the Cricut website include:

  • iron-on card stock
  • iron-on vinyl
  • bonded fabric leather
  • poster boards
  • wood
  • glass
  • and more!

As I said, it works with a wide variety of materials. Just make sure your material size does not exceed 24 inches!

Multiple cutting materials layered on a cutting mat for large project printing.


Finally, this machine is packed with useful functions that make crafting so much easier. Not only does it print and cut, but it also writes, scores, and files.

So, with the Cricut Venture, you can create unique projects for your customers to make them stand out from the competition.

What’s Possible When Compared With Other Cricut Machines

The possibilities are seemingly endless with this machine. From paper crafts to fabric, you can make projects of all kinds.

It is perfect for making big custom wall decals and art, banners, vinyl decals, signs, stickers, apparel designs, tote bags, custom cards, and even leather and wood crafts!

You can also print at a much larger volume than you can with other cutting machines.

For example, if you have a small business selling t-shirts, you can now use the Cricut Venture to print large batches of custom t-shirts simultaneously. This will make project creation so much faster and easier for crafting businesses!

Cricut Venture on white table next to pin t-shirts that say I Do Crew for batch printing.

Want to learn more about other Cricut machines? Check out these helpful comparison guides and reviews!

Does The Cricut Venture Work With Cricut Design Space?

If you currently work with Cricut Design Space, you might wonder if you can use the same software with Cricut Venture.

The answer is yes!

Cricut’s central design platform has been redesigned to work with large-scale designs, including updated tools.

Simply update the software on your computer, and you’ll be set to start.

Who Is The Cricut Venture For?

Okay – the big burning question – who is the Cricut Venture for?

Cricut is advertising this machine for the business owner and creative entrepreneur. So if you’re a small business owner or creative who wants to do projects at a larger scale or have a more productive experience, this machine is definitely for you!

Whether this is your full-time passion, or even if you’re doing this as a side hustle, the Cricut Venture is guaranteed to make your everyday lives creating products easier and faster.

It’s also perfect for those who want to work with larger materials and designs and large batches of single images.

So if that’s you, the Cricut Venture machine could be your new go-to!

Loading the cutting mat with cutting materials into cutting machine on a table top.

But is this machine suitable for hobbyists as well?

The answer is yes! Hobbyists will definitely get a lot of use out of the Cricut Venture. It’s perfect for creating those one-of-a-kind projects, like large wall decals or custom cake toppers.

Overall, if you need a machine that can handle larger-scale projects and materials, then the Cricut Venture is for you!

Final Thoughts On The Cricut Venture

Overall, the Cricut Venture is perfect for crafting businesses that want to increase their productivity and take on bigger projects that previously would have taken days to complete.

It has all of the features and power needed to make large-scale projects and large batches of single images. 

Plus, it offers over 100 materials to work with and is table-friendly for easy loading. No fancy furniture or particular space in your office is needed! 

Hobbyists will also find a lot of use for this machine – whether it’s creating custom wall decals or large craft projects.

If you decide to give this machine a try, be sure to let me know your thoughts. 

Discover endless creativity with the Cricut Venture! This new machine can do bulk printing and large-format projects all day long!

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