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I needed a fun wreath that really captured the fun colors I associate with summer. So I made this fun DIY summer wreath with and I also made this fun Hello Summer SVG just for you!

So the answer to sit and craft and create free designs to give to you!

yellow and peach colored Tie Dye Summer wreath hanging on a wall with hello summer on the front

How Do I Get The Hello Summer Design SVG Files For Cricut?

There is a form towards the bottom of this post that includes the files you need. You will get the summer quote SVG, DXF, PNG, PDF, and EPS files. These Hello Summer SVG files come in a zip file.

Just enter your email address and name into the form and it will be sent right to you. Once you unzip the files you will need to upload the appropriate file into Cricut Design Space to use with your Cricut cutting machine.

Follow the directions below for making the DIY Summer Wreath.

close up of yellow and peach colored Tie Dye Summer wreath hanging on a wall with hello summer on the front

DIY Summer Wreath With Heat Transfer Vinyl

To clarify, making this DIY wreath was super easy and didn’t require me to really get up from my craft table. I did the whole DIY summer wreath while sitting in my chair!

What You Need to Make This DIY Summer Wreath With Heat Transfer Vinyl

This fun DIY summer wreath is both easy and cheap, I grabbed most of what I used on Amazon.

yellow and peach colored Tie Dye Summer wreath hanging on a wall with hello summer on the front

Tips to Making A DIY Summer Wreath With Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Certainly, give yourself plenty of time to do the layering of the HTV. You really don’t want to rush it because then it may not turn outright. For example, love your lemon-and to do that, you’ll need to take your time and readjust as you go.
  • For instance, you don’t need to feel like it has to be perfectly aligned, either. Above all, just make it organic it’s a lemon.
  • Wear gloves when you tie-dye. Any kind will do. I have done it with the big yellow gloves here–but those latex gloves will work or any glove. Just protect your skin because you’ll have colorful cuticles if you don’t!
  • Lastly, use more dye to color the whole kitchen towel or less dye to leave white spots. I went with fully saturated, but I might try making it again with some white spots-tie-dyeing was fun!
  • Iron the kitchen towel after you let it dry. This will help set the colors, no matter what dye you’ve used. Plus, it’s going to make cutting the towel way easier than if you let it remain all wrinkly.
  • Have fun when you’re placing the colorful bits of the towel on the flower wreath form. See a fun splash of color you like? Cut off the pieces on either side and make sure to place your pretty color on top!
  • As for door decorations, this fun wreath was really easy to make. The fact that the supplies can be purchased for cheap makes things that much better!

Is it cheaper to make my own summer wreath?

Grab the free Hello Summer SVG

So, we all know that sometimes crafting our own decor can get expensive. That isn’t the case with this DIY Summer Wreath. Chances are if you are reading this you already have a Cricut Machine. I am giving you the SVG cut file Free and the rest of your supplies for this DIY project can be purchased at Dollar Store or Amazon for cheap.

You can definitely make this DIY Summer Wreath with Free Hello Summer SVG files for less then you can buy 1.

close up of yellow and peach colored Tie Dye Summer wreath hanging on a wall with hello summer on the front

If you want more FREE SVG files check these out!

Pink Lemonade Tie-Dyed Wreath With Heat Transfer Vinyl
Yield: 1 Pink Lemonade Tie-Dyed Wreath With Heat Transfer Vinyl

Pink Lemonade Tie-Dyed Wreath With Heat Transfer Vinyl

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

I love how fun this pink lemonade tie-dyed wreath turned out! Just a few mintues and some heat transfer vinyl and you've got a fun summer wreath on your door!


  • Good Scissors
  • Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2 with Deep Cut Blade
  • Large Bowl
  • 4-5 Small Rubber Bands
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Transfer Tape
  • Easy Press Mini or Easy Press 2


  1. Start by tie-dyeing your kitchen towel. Twist it up and wrap the rubber bands around the center of your bundle in 4-5 places then place it in the bowl.
  2. Either spray or pour (my preferred method, honestly) the dye onto your towel, saturating the towel in multiple places with the yellow dye or pink dye, respectively. Allow the tie-dyed towel to dry completely before messing with it again.
  3. While the towel is drying, go ahead and make your lemon by downloading the SVG file. Immediately load the SVG file into Design Space, then insert the image for a new project.
  4. Select the lettering for Hello Summer and click "weld" in the bottom right corner to have the Cricut cut the lettering as one element so it's easier to deal with.
  5. Click “Make It” in Design Space, and set the material type on the machine to “Vinyl”. Follow prompts to load and cut. Unload when finished cutting. Once the design is cut, if you need to trim excess vinyl, do so now.
  6. There is a brown piece to the SVG file--cut this from the chipboard by loading your deep-cut knife blade to the machine and changing the material in Design Space to chipboard.
  7. Layer your vinyl onto transfer tape, checking and readjusting often to get the lemon in place the way you want it to look.
  8. Place the chip board onto the transfer tape with the layered vinyl and use your heat press to lock it in place. Remove the transfer tape and discard.
  9. Once your tie-dyed towel is dry, iron it, if desired to set in the colors. Then cut the towel into 2-inch (approximately) wide strips.
  10. Hot glue the strips onto the foam form, wrapping it around snugly as you go. I only used about 2/3 of the towel and I wrapped the outer edge of the strips over onto itself so that I had a nice, clean edge.
  11. Once the form is completely wrapped, hot glue the lemon in place on the front.
  12. Use one of the remaining strips of the towel to make a hanger loop on the top of the wreath and enjoy!

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