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Get out your Machine and learn how to make paper flowers with Cricut! This step-by-step tutorial takes you through how to make these 3D flowers plus grab the SVG files for free.

These easy paper flowers feature larger petals, medium petals, and smaller petals. You can make the most beautiful flowers with plain or patterned paper!

colorful cricut paper flower made with free svg from how to make flowers with cricut

The flower layers come together so amazingly and are perfect for different projects from adding to the edge of a picture frame all the way to using them as craft room decor.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your large petal shapes line the outer edge of the circle to create beautiful blooms.

These DIY giant paper flowers were really simple to do using my Cricut cutting machine, but hand cutting wouldn’t be bad. Next, I will be trying a paper rose, I just have to figure out where it will go.

colorful cricut paper flower made with free svg from how to make flowers with cricut

How To Make Paper Flowers With Cricut

Because you are using card stock for these gorgeous paper flowers, they will be much sturdier than the crepe paper or tissue paper flowers you might have made as a kid.

But you can use them to decorate in the same ways. When I was a little girl, I like to have them just to play with, but they fell apart so easily! I’m glad that these I’m making now are so much more sturdy because they’ll last a bit longer and be more loved.

I have provided you with both the cut files, template, and tutorial video that will help you learn how I curl the edges and also how to put the flowers together.

Once you figure out the pattern, though, it’s super intuitive. You can almost make a flower without even thinking about it.

colorful cricut paper flower made with free svg from how to make flowers with cricut

What kind of paper is used for paper flowers?

I like to use a medium weight cardstock although you can use just about any type of paper as long as it’s thick. I prefer to use paper of the same weight you use for things like cards, boxes, scrapbooking, and other papercrafts. Now, just so you know if you are making smaller flowers you can use lighter-weight paper.

This Ultimate Guide to Cutting Cardstock and Paper with a Cricut is a great place to start if you are still unsure.

Then, for the center of the flower, you can pretty much use anything–I thought these pretty foil paper bursts were perfect because they went so well with the unicorn, but you can do just about anything. Don’t worry about those falling over as much because they’re really small and supported by the petals all around them. Just hot glue it in the middle and get it tucked in nicely.

With a smaller flower, you can use a quilling tool to help make the petals curl, but with the larger flowers, you’ll need to do it the way I show you in the video.

colorful cricut paper flower made with free svg from how to make flowers with cricut

What kinds of things can you use Cricut flowers for?

These flowers can be used for a ton of different things from wedding decorations to home decor. Some of my favorite ideas for decorating with paper flowers include:

  • non-traditional wedding bouquet
  • wall decor
  • centerpieces
  • baby showers
  • corsages
  • cake toppers
  • party decorations
  • wreaths
  • and so much more

Just let your imagination run wild with the things you can do with these amazing beauties! The look on my daughter’s face when she saw her unicorn flower was priceless! I am always happy to make her happy and the fact that I have the knowledge and the skill to use my Cricut to make these amazing creations makes it even better.

And once you get the hang of how to make large paper flowers, you can seriously make them in just a few minutes.

So, it’s totally worth it to make these flowers and then get that big blooming smile–it’s like two ways to brighten your day in one project. So cool. 

And the fact that I can make ’em fast with my Cricut? Well, that puts a smile on my face, for sure.

But, as I said before, you can make these by hand, or you can make them with your Cricut, which is going to be a lot faster, in my humble opinion.

If you don’t have a Cricut and love to craft, I strongly suggest you get one. I have been a user of Provo craft (the company that makes Cricut) since the very beginning when they were first introduced. My first Cricut was the small little 6 inch and I now have the Cricut explore one and I have the Cricut maker coming. It’s a veritable Cricut farm in my house!

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How To Make Paper Flowers With Cricut
Yield: 1

How To Make Paper Flowers With Cricut

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5


  • Giant Flower SVG
  • 15 12x12 sheets 60 lb weight cardstock
  • glue sticks
  • mounting tape


  • Cricut Explore Air or any other cutting machine
  • Cricut mat
  • hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Spatula tool to lift cuts


  1. Cut all petals, bases, and leaves with your electronic cutting machine. You will need 7 of each size petal.
  2. Using the scissors cut a slit about an inch up the center of each flower
  3. Using the edge of your table curl your petal
  4. Put a small glue dot on one slide of the slit and barely fold the other side over.
  5. Once you have done this to all petals it’s time to assemble your beautiful paper flowers.
  6. Starting with the large petals, put a line of hot glue on the backside of the petal and glue it to the edge of your circle base.
  7. Continue around, moving towards the middle of the base with each layer of petals ending with the small petals.
  8. Once you have applied all the petals you can add the center of your flower.
  9. You can hang it with mounting tape.

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