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If you want to make a gorgeous Cricut Flowers Photo Display, the Cricut is definitely the way to go! You will be able to make a beautiful display in no time at all!

The instructions are easy to follow and you will even have a bit of fun with this craft. This will leave with the perfect way to display your photos!

3d flower photo display made with gray white and cram cricut paper flowers

What is an anemone? An Anemone is a beautiful type of flower that you can find around the garden. The bright colors give it a spring and summer vibe.

The Anemones will give you a bright addition to your home as well as catch the eyes of all of your guests that you have over. Especially if you use it as an accent piece.

If you are looking for summer-like decorations, this Cricut Flowers photo display is exactly what you are looking for. In just a short amount of time, you will have your very own DIY home decor to show off!

anemone frame for photos

Easy Cricut Flowers Anemone Photo Display Idea

Most of the time doing this craft will be spent designing and assembling the anemones on your photo display. You will want to take your time with these steps because they will determine your outcome.

Pay careful attention to the measurements and how everything will fit together as well. Following the instructions will make this project easier and quicker.

Your final project will be the perfect gift to give to your friends and family. You can change up the colors if you would like to make them more unique to who you are giving them to.

frame with cricut paper flowers

This is such a fun Cricut Flowers photo display craft and it could not be done the same without the Cricut. The Cricut Maker makes so many crafts easier and cuts down the time.

If you are interested in more How To Make Cricut Paper Flowers tutorials, You should Check these out.

Cricut Flowers Simple Photo Display Idea
Yield: 1

Cricut Flowers Simple Photo Display Idea

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $15

If you are looking for summer-like decorations, this photo display is exactly what you are looking for. In just a short amount of time, you will have your very own DIY home decor to show off!




  1. Click on the “+” sign to start a new project, opening up a blank canvas.
  2. Click on the Images button from the toolbar.
  3. Search “Anemone” image (#M151B3E27) and then click on the image to insert the pattern on the canvas.
  4. Resize grouping to 9.5” high.
  5. Duplicate the grouping and resize the second set to 8” high.
  6. Duplicate the grouping and resize the third set to 6.5” high. Duplicate this third and final set.
  7. Ungroup all sets of patterns.
  8. Delete the extra leafy pattern pieces, keeping just the one largest set. Click to the Color Sync tab to sort images by paper color (you may change the colors to whatever you like):
    ~change the largest flower petals to cream-colored; change the ~medium-sized flower petals to grey colored; and lastly, change the ~smallest flower petals to white-colored;
    ~change all the pistil shapes to the black colored mat;
    ~change the leaf shapes to the green-colored mat.
  9. Delete the smallest-sized flower pistils. Duplicate the medium-sized flower pistils two times. Use these medium-sized pistil shapes for the smallest-sized flowers.
  10. With the machine set to Cricut Maker, select “Make It” in Design Space.
  11. Set material type to Cardstock, choosing the appropriate weight based on your paper.
  12. Place the first paper color onto the light grip mat. Follow prompts for loading cardstock paper into Cricut Maker and cutting.
  13. When the cut is complete, unload the mat from the machine.
  14. Remove the cut pieces from the cutting mat.
  15. Repeat for the remaining flowers and pistils and papers.
  16. Start by curling each of the flower petals using the wooden dowel. You are aiming for a wavy effect with petals, with the curls in different directions.
  17. Glue five of the larger petals to the backside of one of the discs, aligning the slits of the petals with the notches in the disk.
  18. Glue the five smaller petals to the second disc in the same way as the first.
  19. Layer the small set of petals over the larger ones, covering the gaps between the larger petals. Glue together at the center. Glue both of the round pistil pieces into the center of the flower. Fold the final piece along the score mark (this will be towards the inside).
  20. Curl the rounded ends of the final black piece in the same directions. Roll along the length of the piece to create a black rounded “ball”. Glue to hold together. Glue it to the center of the flower.
  21. Turn the picture frame face down. Starting in one corner, staple the end of the twine in place to secure and zig-zag the twine across the back of the frame. Turn the frame over. Practice the positioning of the flowers until you are happy with the arrangement. This arrangement has the largest flower in the corner, a medium one above, and two small ones on either side. Glue the leaves and the flowers onto the frame in the desired arrangement.

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Where Can I Find Cricut 3D Flowers?

These flowers came right out of Cricut Design space and will work with any Cricut machine, even the Cricut explore air. Some of the files will require you to have Cricut Access. But all you have to do is resize them in DS to get different sizes of Cricut Paper Flowers.

There are lots of different colors of card stock that will make these Cricut flowers perfect for everything from baby showers to decorating your craft room with beautiful flowers and more!

I love doing paper flower craft projects. The first thing I tried when I got my new Cricut was rolled small flowers then the next thing was giant paper flowers to add to unicorn wall decals.

The kind of paper really matters for what the end result will be. You want your paper firm but also a little bit flexible too. I always use 65# weight paper and am always left with amazing paper flowers.

I really enjoy home decor projects, actually any DIY projects. And these flowers have been all over my house to give just a little pop of color.

Paper flowers are also great for adding to party decor and the good news is this simple tutorial shows you how to cut petals and how to put them together. There’s no extra cost because the flower SVG is right in DS and there are also a few other flower styles!

What have you made with paper flowers?

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