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The only thing better than making your own tumbler is making a glow-in-the-dark tumbler! Anything that glows in the dark is automatically new and improved!

3 finished glow in the dark sublimation tumblers with unique colorful designs

These stainless steel sublimation tumblers produce a white glow when sublimated. They are 20oz sublimation tumblers and they come with a plastic or metal straw and a plastic lid.

If you are interested in creating your own, you will absolutely want to stick around and keep reading. With these directions, you will be able to easily make one in no time at all and you will absolutely love the results!

Purple and gold sublimation tumblers with unique colorful designs

How Do You Make A Glow In The Dark Tumbler?

This sublimation tumbler idea is super simple. Just as simple as sublimating on regular 20 oz skinny tumblers

  1. print your design on sublimation paper
  2. secure it to your tumbler
  3. heat press it with a tumbler press or convection oven
  4. allow it to cool
  5. remove the transfer
sublimation tumblers with unique colorful designs

How To Activate A Glow In The Dark Tumbler?

Put the cup into direct sunlight, or you can use a uv light. And then when you take it into a dark room this awesome tumbler glows!

One of the best things about a glow-in-the-dark tumbler is that it isn’t something that everyone has. Having one will make you unique and you may even start a trend in your area once everyone gets a glimpse!

3 finished glow in the dark sublimation tumblers with unique colorful designs

Can you epoxy over glowing tumblers?

You can, but with sublimation, epoxy resin isn’t necessary. Once you press the design, it is there forever!

If you are like me and are in love with glitter. You could just use a glitter sealer at the very end. I have tons of cups, I use most of them for water because the ice doesn’t melt.

But these tumblers can be used for whatever your favorite beverage is. And even though these make a great Halloween tumbler, they are actually amazing for any occasion.

3 finished glow in the dark sublimation tumblers with unique colorful designs
Yield: 1 glow in the dark sublimation tumbler

Glow In The Dark Tumbler

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $15

Learn how to make your own sublimation glow-in-the-dark tumbler with this easy-to-follow video tutorial. Make these for Halloween or any occasion!


  1. Preheat your air fryer to 400. And print your design, don't forget to mirror. Trim off the right and left edges. If you need a design, you can find some of mine here. mirrored printed sublimation design
  2. Use your lint roller to clean off all dust on your tumbler. cleaning dust off of a glow in the dark tumbler with a lint roller
  3. Use heat tape to secure the design to the tumbler. taping sublimation design to a tumbler
  4. Tape down the bottom and top edges.
  5. Make sure the tape is completely flat and your sublimation design is touching all the way around.
  6. Place in the air fryer oven for 5.5 minutes. Placing tumblers in the air fryer for sublimation
  7. Remove the tumblers from the air fryer and allow them to cool. Allowing tumblers to cool before removing transfer paper
  8. Remove the transfer tape.
  9. Now remove the transfer paper.
  10. Admire your new tumbler! 3 finished glow in the dark sublimation tumblers with unique colorful designs

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