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What Is Cricut Infusible Ink? + 8 Fun Projects To Try

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What is Cricut Infusible Ink? Infusible Ink is a fairly new product that you use with your Cricut Machine.

Cricut infusible Ink Transfer Sheets and Cricut Infusible ink pens are a lot like sublimation, except infusible ink designs are loaded into Design space the same as you would for a heat-transfer vinyl design. They are specially made to use with the Cricut EasyPress Mat and heat press as well as special blanks.

The Infusible Ink System is designed with the home crafter in mind. The Infusible Inksheets come in a variety of colors and patterns.

stack of cricut infusible ink transfers

What Is Cricut Infusible Ink?

Firstly, this is not anything like vinyl or an iron-on design you pop onto an item and press on. Infusible Ink is a revolutionary way to make your Cricut projects professional quality with the most vibrant colors and the ease of using Cricut Design Space to make your own products have a final design that has a finish that is like sublimation ink.

The Cricut Infusible Ink process is a transfer process that is a little bit like sublimation. Cricut’s Infusible InkWhether you are looking to make a custom shirt, totes, homemade coasters, the sky is the limit! There is no ironing a design on, this infuses in, so it lasts forever. Waterproof, no cracking, no wearing off, it stays forever. 

cricut infusible ink coaster

You will use heat transfer sheets, blanks, and pens to create a seamless and quality transfer of the design. It truly is one-of-a-kind in the market. This is top-notch quality in the crafting cutting world.  


What Do You Need To Use Infusible Ink?

  • Cricut Explore Machine (any cutting machine actually works.
  • Pair Of Tweezers
  • Heat-Resistant Tape
  • Grip Mat
  • EasyPress Mat
  • Infusible Ink Sheets or Infusible Ink Markers (if you use pens you also need laser copy paper)
  • Cricut EasyPress 2 (you CAN NOT use a regular iron for this, but you can use a heat press, you need the higher temperatures for the transfer process)
  • Cricut Blanks or other compatible infusible ink blanks
  • Thick paper or cardstock
  • High Polyester Count Materials ad your base material (a cotton shirt or material won’t work unless it is a blend)
  • Lint Roller
hand sanitizer pouch close up made with cricut infusible ink

How Do You Use Cricut Infusible Ink?

Check out my Back to School Tote, this is a process on how to transfer a design right on a tote bag! Then you can see my Hakuna Matata Infusible Ink Shirt project as well. 

Transfer papers are just a solid sheet of ink. These ink sheets come in a variety of solid colors and patterns, that you can use with Cricut explore or other compatible Cricut.

These are very different from your traditional heat transfer vinyl or iron on. It is designed to work with your heat press or easy press. The design sits on top of the garment and you press with heat to infuse the design into the Cricut blank.

You find that it uses a high heat that will infuse your transfer sheets and the pen ink will become infused into the material you are using for the project. The temperature is at least 385 degrees. Depending on the texture of your base item will depend on the heat setting you need to use.  

Which Cricut Machines Pair With Infusible Ink Products?

Most importantly, you will find that you can use the Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy Explore Air, and even the Explore Air 2 machines for using the transfer sheets and cutting the design.  

Does Any Color Of Base Product Work With The Pens? 

You will want to reach for lighter-colored items. To clarify, white and light grays give the best color vibrancy. The pens are colored so you will get a colorful design for your lighter-colored item.

And, just like with sublimation, the color of your shirt takes on the color of your design. For instance, if you use a red shirt, and your design has white in it, everything white will now be red. So, now that kind of helps you understand what happens with the other colors too.


Can I use Products Other Than Cricut Products With The Infusible Ink Heat Transfer?

There are a ton of blanks that will actually work with Cricut Infusible Inks, although Cricut has its own amazing line of blanks, here is a list of other places to get blanks for your infusible ink projects.

  • Ceramic Coasters
  • T-Shirt Blanks
  • Mugs
  • Mouse Pads
  • Other Different Blanks

7 Easy Cricut Infusible Ink Projects

Cricut Infusible Ink is a great way to make professional-quality designs right in the comfort of your own home with your Cricut machine. Take a look at these awesome projects to get you started designing.

Susan K Miner

Saturday 4th of July 2020

What is the laser printer paper for? I have seen it mentioned on several websites but have never seen it used in any of the video tutorials,

Jamela Porter

Thursday 9th of July 2020

You have to have laser paper to use infusible ink pens.

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Can a Cricut Expression 2 or a Silhouette Cameo 3 be used?

Jamela Porter

Tuesday 17th of March 2020

Yes, shouldn't be a problem, but I am not sure of what settings you would use.

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