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Infusible Ink Transfers Layering Tutorial

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Are you in need of a personalized baby shower gift? In this tutorial for how to layer Cricut Infusible Ink learn a new tequnique that makes for amazing baby shower gifts.

This watercolor baby onesie shirt came out way better than I could have imagined.

Firstly, this is such a simple design. I feel like I might have to make a million different things with this type of watercolor design for Cricut Infusible Inks.

Cricut Infusible ink transfer shirt, layered with pink, yellow and black.

I can’t get over how perfect this DIY personalized baby onesie is with the Cricut. And, it’s crazy to think this, but it’s true… This is the perfect project for beginners.

How To Layer Cricut Transfer Sheets

water color baby shirt with pink and yellow and black.

Just pick a Cricut blank and you can put this watercolor design on it in just a few minutes–it’s designed to work with any color set. But I adore this Pink Lemonade color packet. You can get it at any Michael’s store.

Cricut EasyPress and pink lemonade Infusible ink transfer sheets with finished Cricut Infusible ink blank

Infusible Ink projects are a little different than heat transfer vinyl in that the infusing process fuses (get it?!) the ink to the fibers of the fabric while the HTV sits on top.

Another thing, HTV can be used on any color garment. Where Infusible Ink pens and markers (in witch you color or draw on laser copy paper before you transfer with heat) and the transfer sheets need to be used on white or light-colored garments. A Cricut blank is best for Infusible Ink Products.

That means that the these projects are more durable and don’t fade even after a million washes (which is what baby shirts inevitably get).

There’s going to be a new baby around, so, there’s going to be a lotta clothes washing…

Pink lemonade Infusible ink transfers with finished shirt layered with black

Infusible Ink Transfers Layering Tutorial

If you are looking for more ideas for baby using this method, check out this Adorable Custom Baby Bodysuit Idea. The possibilities with these products are endless!

With base materials like shirts, totes and coasters and uber vibrant colors. Plus the compatibility with any Cricut machine, heat press and Cricut EasyPress there’s so many things you can do.

IF you want to learn lots more about this method of tshirt making then you need to check out Everything You Need To Know About Cricut Infusible Ink.

Infusible Ink Baby Onesie on a table
Yield: 1

How To Layer Cricut Infusible Ink with Video

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

Infusible Inks are really easy to layer using a little care and this method. Infusible inks are a great way to get bright and vibrant colors that last the life of the garment. No peeling!


  1. Heat the EasyPress 2 to 385 and set the timer for 45 seconds.
  2. Create a 2 layer design, this one is a paint splash or scribbles from Cricut design space with a patterned Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet and black sheet.
  3. Set up and resize in Cricut Design Space.
  4. Your background layer should be the lighter of your 2 Infusible Ink Colors.
  5. Place the first layer of Infusible Ink color side down on your standard grip mat.
  6. Don't forget the lightest color will be the first layer of your design.
  7. Cut using the infusible ink settings on your machine.
  8. Remove from the machine, and repeat with your other layer.
  9. And tare away the excess transfer sheet.
  10. Center the layer on the Infusible Ink blank.
  11. Cover with a sheet of butcher paper.
  12. Using your EasyPress 2 press at 385 for 45 seconds.
  13. Use your tweezers to carefully remove the infusible ink transfer and backing.
  14. With the second layer, remove it from the backing and place it by hand.
  15. Using the transfer sheet from the first layer, cover both colors and press.
  16. Cover with a piece of butcher paper and press for 45 seconds.
  17. Remove the backing and the transfer paper.

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What can you use Cricut infusible ink on?

Infusible Inks work on white or light-colored polyester and polyester blends.
Polyester blends are the only products with Infusible Ink Compatibility. The higher the polyester count the more vibrant your colors will be. I like to use at least 65% polyester.

How long do I heat press infusible ink?

Using an EasyPress 2, press shirts at 385 degrees for 45 seconds. If using a heat press press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds. For both methods use medium pressure.


Sunday 23rd of May 2021

This is absolutely beautiful. You make it look so simple. My struggle is always in selecting the perfect font. I think I'm overwhelmed by the number of available selections. Which font did you use and did you mirror the cut of the letters?

Jamela P

Monday 31st of May 2021

When I first started posting these, I was really bad about putting the fonts in my posts. So I apologize, I don't remember. I am planning a post on font pairing tho.


Saturday 11th of July 2020

Beautifully done. Thank you!

Jamela Porter

Saturday 11th of July 2020

You’re welcome!


Monday 1st of June 2020

Where did you get the first layer svg file

Brenda Vaccaro

Friday 28th of August 2020

What is the first layer called in design space?

Jamela Porter

Wednesday 10th of June 2020

It’s in design space

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