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Are you looking for Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages that will be fun for kids of all ages? Then you should grab these 5 free printable coloring pages.

I mean how adorable is this little bunny coloring picture? To be honest all of these Easter pictures are great!

These free Easter Coloring Sheets feature all of your holiday animal staples, you get baby chicks, a lamb, and even easter bunny coloring pages.

five easter coloring pages with easter eggs, bunnies, and other animals and scenery

You will get your free coloring pages right in your email. All you have to do to get the pdf files is to click the button below and enter your name and email. A few seconds later the Easter coloring book will be sent right to you!
The fun thing about these free coloring pages is you can scale them larger or smaller.

These cute pictures are perfect to scale down into a small book, making them a great addition to your Easter Gift Basket or to hideaway for your family easter egg hunt!

Whether you are working with older kids or in preschool, this is a fun coloring activity for the whole family. Big kids love to color pictures too. Color with bright colors or pastels.

All you have to do is print them out on your home computer. I think the Easter chick is my favorite, but all of these great coloring pages are a fun way and an easy activity to pass some time.

Free Coloring Page For Easter

If you are overwhelmed and the kiddos need something to do, you can print these pages, give them some crayons, and go about your day. 

There is no better way to pass time than by taking on a project or craft. I like to believe that doing spring crafts during winter will help it come faster.

Imagine the crafts as the bat signal for spring. Once you start doing them, spring will start to make its way to you to save you from the cold. 

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of snowy nights and icy roads. The ice on my driveway is finally clearing up and I have never been more excited. 

One of my favorite things about coloring sheets is that you have all of the power in your creativity. You can bring color and life to some black and white pages that were on a screen. 

five easter coloring pages with easter eggs, bunnies, and other animals and scenery; pink background

I like to get creative when I start to color. Try making some of the Easter eggs on these easter coloring pages in bold and in crazy colors. 

One of the pages has a hatched chick, but I do not see any reason why that chick cannot be bright red or even polka-dotted. It is all up to you. 

Crazy colors and designs help remind you how unique your mind can be when it comes to your imagination. But I guess a yellow chick will also work if you please. 

Even older children can have fun coloring these cute Easter coloring pages. They are not just coloring pages for kids.

These free printable Easter egg coloring pages are easy to print and can help you have a happy Easter.

You can even cut out some of the eggs after you have colored them and put them in Easter baskets as if they were left by Easter bunnies.

five easter coloring pages with easter eggs, bunnies, and other animals and scenery; yellow background

Downloading the printable Easter coloring pages, which are free to print, will help add a pretty bow to the holiday.

Be sure to take a look at other Easter crafts that I have on my sites such as the Easter SVG Files, Giant Rae Dunn Easter Egg, and Easter Egg Paper Craft.

Spring Crafts | Easter Crafts 

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