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The HTVRont Auto Heat Press is the newest kid on the block. But how does it measure up to the Cricut Autopress?

side view looking up of htvront auto press

I did a series of tests using the HTVRont heat press machine to see how well it dead in the creative process of sublimation printing and Cricut Infusible ink.

The HTVRont auto-press did well with the various items that I pressed. This zero push, continuous ironing, this iron-on press did great on the different materials and was much easier to use than the traditional manual presses.

front view of white htvront auto heat press machine

What Can I Expect With The New Automatic Heat Press by HTVRont?

The things I loved about this press were that it did amazing sublimation projects and also infusible ink. I also loved that the HTVRont Auto Heat Press has a way to set the temperatures that you use most.

The 1 negative was the amount of clearance that you have for pressing. This will make it difficult for you to press things like sweatshirts and hoodies.

Front Close Up View of htvront auto heat press

What Blanks Did You Use In The Video?

Does The HTV Ront Autopress Have Auto Pressure Exertion?

Well first off let me try to explain Auto Pressure Exertion. This means that the machine will apply the pressure necessary to press your different types of design projects.

A couple of other features are:

  • the auto-off feature
  • other safety features like the fully enclosed heat source so you don’t have to worry about burns

I haven’t gotten the chance yet to try anything that needs heavier pressure, or things that require a different heating time, nor did I get a chance to try fabric materials other than polyester.

HTVRont Auto Heat Press VS Cricut Auto PressHTVRont Auto Heat PressCricut Autopress
Dimensions20 x 20 x 16 in16.63 in x 6.62 x 26.07 in
Heat Plate Size15 x 15 in15 in x 12 in
Weight38 lbs53.2 lbs
Output Power1500 W1300 W
Maximum Temperature410°F400°F
Maximum Pressing Thickness1 inch2 in
Auto Shut OffAfter 10 MinutesAfter 13 Minutes
Auto Pressure ExertionYesYes
Price At The Time Of This Comparison$279.99
Check Price
Check Price
front top view of auto heat press by htv ront

HTVRont Auto Heat Press

This press is great for everything from sublimation materials to heat transfer vinyl and everything in between. This press is lighter than the Cricut Auto Press and gets 10° hotter.

The HTVRont auto press features:

  • pullout drawer design
  • time and temperature button
  • safety closure around the heating plate
  • Auto shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity

My favorite features are the fact that closing the machine is literally effortless! Also, I love the user-defined modes or the custom modes.

The press features layers of thermal insulation protection material. The heat-resistant materials that encase the press remains at a safe and touchable temperature, allowing users to avoid the risk of accidental burns during the working process as an added safety feature.

straight front view of white htvront auto heat press machine

How Do You Use A HtvRont Heat Press?

In my video, I provide more detailed information on using the press. I did have 1 press that transferred incomplete patterns but turns out it was my fault because I thought I should not use the full placing area for my design because of the zipper.

You can get this press in 2 colors at the moment, light blue or white. This press has the lowest price of any other automatic pressing system I have tried and is the ideal heat press machine for your next sublimation project!

If you want to see other auto press comparisons you should read #1 Untapped Cricut Autopress Alternative, Best Cricut Hat Press Alternative, and also Best Cricut Mug Press Alternative – WALAPress Auto Open Mug Press 2022 Comparison.

These are all great alternatives to the Cricut Brand of these types of presses.

But if you want to learn more about the Cricut Autopress you can read The Ultimate Guide to Cricut AutoPress article by my friend at Hey Lets Make Stuff!

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  1. Hi there,
    I watched your video on this heat press, and I think you showed how well it can function. It’s a great alternative to Cricut. And I may consider it when it’s time for me to buy an automatic heat press.

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