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There are 2 main types of stickers you can make with your Cricut. Kiss Cut Stickers and Die Cut Stickers. Today we are going to talk bout Kiss Cut Stickers.

I bet you’re wondering what the difference is between kiss cut stickers and die-cut stickers. As a matter of fact, I can help with that too.

sheet of kiss cut stickers

What Is A Kiss Cut Sticker?

When you kiss-cut your printable sticker. You will set your Cricut Explore Air or other cutting machines so that it leaves the backing of the custom sticker intact. Whereas, die-cut stickers are the complete opposite, where it cuts through the back just leaving the shape of the sticker.

To make the changes between die cut or kiss cut in Cricut Design Space you will change the cut settings accordingly.

You can see what a die cut sticker looks like below.

die cut sticker cut with the cricut

Where Can I Get Sticker Designs?

For the most part, there are a few places you can get sticker designs. You can also use regular SVG files for your print and then cut sticker sheets. Some places I particularly like to use.

If you are planning to start a sticker business using these files, make sure to read the licensing terms for each shop.

kiss cut stickers on a sheet that were cut with the cricut

How To Make Kiss Cut Stickers With Cricut?

Firstly, you will need a Cricut Maker or another machine with a fine point blade. Also, you need a cutting mat, sticker paper that easily peels, and a great printer to get your stickers printed.

Also, depending on your desired end result, you want to make sure that you have the right setting. For kiss cut I like to use the normal sticker paper setting.

kiss cut sticker sheet

Can The Cricut Machine Print?

No. Cricut can’t print, because it isn’t a printer, it’s a vinyl cutting machine. If you want to do anything that involves a printed sheet you will need a separate printer. I love the eco tank printers. They are amazing for things like printing stickers!

Looking for more fun projects to do with your Cricut?

top view of cricut kiss cut stickers for halloween
Yield: 1 Kiss Cut Sticker Sheet

How To Make Kiss Cut Stickers With Cricut

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Kiss cut stickers made with your Cricut is a great skill to learn. Stickers make great gifts and it is also a pretty lucrative business idea!


  • Sticker Paper
  • Sticky Mat
  • I used Cricut Access Images For My Stickers



  1. Open a new project in Cricut Design Space and find an image you want for your stickers.
  2. If the images are large, resize them to make them small enough to work with. Just select and use the mouse to resize them. Mine is about 2 inches.
  3. Now click on offset, and either type in a number or drag the slider to get the size of offset you want. Make sure to select the whole file.
  4. Once you have the offset on all of the images. Tap shapes and add a square.
  5. Resize the box to 6.75x9.25, which is the largest area print then cut will work.
  6. Arrange all of your stickers on top of that shape, making sure not to go over the edge of the shape. Then you can fill the spaces in with smaller images.
  7. Turn of the shape layer, select all remaining layers, and click attach. Then click on make it.
  8. Click continue on the next page. Then on the page after that click on send to the printer. Leave the bleed on and toggle the system dialog. When the window opens, use the slider to select the best quality. (this may be different from printer to printer)
  9. After you have printed, come back and choose your material. I like to use the washi tape setting.
  10. And now you have an amazing set of stickers! sheet of kiss cut stickers made with the cricut

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  1. Please correct me if I’m wrong, is the difference between print then cut and die cut stickers the depth of the cut?

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