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Today I am going to teach you How To Upload SVGs To Cricut Design Space. There are only 7 simple and easy-to-follow steps!

Whether you have a Cricut Maker or another cutting machine, it is important to know how to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space App. Equally as important is learning the differences in file types that you can upload.

Pin image showing how to upload svgs to Cricut design space.

What is the best type of file to use for Cricut Design Space?

The Cricut App is compatible with many file types. The file extension for these files is as follows.

  • .png file
  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • .svg
  • .dxf
  • .heic

I always include everything except dxf, gif, and heic in my free cut files. But I find that the svg file type is the best to use when working with any graphics. The scalable vector graphics file type can be enlarged or reduced without losing the integrity of your image.

SVG cut files are always going to be the best quality of all the file formats that Cricut allows you to load. It is scalable as large as you want it without losing the integrity of the design. An SVG image also usually comes in different layers for you to recolor and cut how you want.

This easy step-by-step tutorial will work for any Cricut Machine and also for free designs or purchased designs.

How To Upload SVGs To Cricut Design Space

Unless you are making your own files, paid and free SVG files are usually inside a zipped folder. The first step will be to download the zipped file folder to your computer, usually, these show up in your downloads folder.

The next step is to unzip the zip file which will also unzip into the download folder, the best way to unzip is to double-tap the file. Most paid designs include Dxf files, png images, SVG format, and also eps.

It is important to understand the types of files and also which will work in the Cricut Design Space Software.

Where are the best places to find new SVG files?

How To Upload Images To Cricut Design Space

How To Upload Images To Cricut Design Space

Learning how to How To Upload SVGs To Cricut Design space is crucial to your success with Cricut. In this simple tutorial, you learn step by step.


  • SVG FIle


  • Cricut Machine For Cutting The Design
  • Cricut Design Space


  1. Open Cricut Design Space. And click in the upper right corner to open a new project button. This will open the blank canvas screen. cricut design space home screen
  2. Click on upload, to open the upload page. 
  3. Now you will come to this screen. Click upload image. 
  4. Next, a window will open on your computer that will show you folders on your computer. Find the folder where you have your new file stored and click the image you want to upload to your computer. Double click the file or press the open button.
  5. With SVG files you don't have to edit or prepare the images in any way. Just click on upload.
  6. This is the next screen you will see. Just select the SVG and click on add to canvas.
  7. And that's it, just resize and cut it out.

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