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Making a Reverse Canvas is a fun way to add some sass to any area. And, this reverse canvas idea is a super fun and inexpensive way to add style to your kitchen. In addition to learning to make this canvas sign, you will also learn about how to use htv on a canvas.

For this canvas sign, I took a square value canvas from Michael’s, and then transformed it into a one-of-a-kind canvas design for my kitchen!

The reverse canvas sign method is super unique, and with the help of my Cricut machine, this craft took me little to no time! 

reverse canvas hanging on a wall with the words I'm feeling a little dirty can you do me, love the dishes

Have you ever had an idea in your mind of what you want for your home, but can’t find it online, or it is over-priced? Here I was able to get exactly what I wanted and it wasn’t that hard to do.

How To Make A Reverse Canvas

  • firstly, remove the canvas from the frame by removing the staples
  • cut the canvas to fit the frame with a craft knife
  • create or upload your design to design space
  • cut out the design for your reverse canvas DIY using heat transfer vinyl or htv
  • next stain the frame
  • press the design onto the canvas cutout using an iron on the cotton setting or a heat press and remove the carrier sheet
  • lastly, once the stained frame is dry you can staple the canvas back onto the frame using a staple gun

You have endless possibilities of how to create and design these unique wood signs. Plus they make incredible homemade gifts for loved ones.

What Is A Reverse Canvas?

Reverse canvases are a great way to get that quality style sign to hang in your home for a fraction of the cost. By pulling off the canvas and attaching it to the back of the canvas you create a new, product if you will. And that’s why it’s called a reverse canvas.

canvas before it goes back on the frame with the words I'm feeling a little dirty can you do me, love the dishes

What Size Canvas and Frame Do You Need For A Reverse Canvas 

Certainly, You are welcome to use any size you want. But, I used a 9×9 size. Just, keep in mind, however, that you need to make sure that you can create a design that fits your canvas and frame size.

I decided on the smaller size smaller canvas since my kitchen needed a little pop of personality. Above all, I didn’t want it to be huge and overtake the area. 

What is HTV?

HTV is heat transfer vinyl. You are welcome to buy any color of vinyl you would like.

So, as you can see with my print, I went with two colors. However, you can mix and match colors to fit the style of your home. When you use heat transfer vinyl. There is no need to seal it or clear coat required after you press. Htv is adhesive-backed and is activated by heat and pressure.

Do I Have To Stain The Wood On Frame?

So, the wood can be painted, or even leave it the natural color it as. I wanted a rich and deep-colored wood, so I reached for a stain.

But, it is not something you have to do. Meanwhile, I think it added a bit more flair to my finished look, vs being a lighter wood. 

 reverse canvas on a table with the words I'm feeling a little dirty can you do me, love the dishes, with red staple gun on top

How Do You Hang A Reverse Canvas 

You can attach a backing to hang your canvas. Or if you don’t want to hurt your wall reach for my favorite, a Command Strip.

Kitchen sign free SVG that says I'm feeling a little dirty. Can you do me? Love the dishes.

Grab the free SVG!

Go to file #75 in the free resource library.

Where can I send the resource library files?

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    reverse canvas sign hanging on the wall with teal and navy lettering
    Yield: 1

    How To Make A Reverse Canvas Plus Free SVG

    Prep Time: 20 minutes
    Active Time: 20 minutes
    Total Time: 40 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy
    Estimated Cost: $10

    Reverse Canvas Tutorial with a free cut file is a fun way to dress up your home. A homemade reverse canvas that costs a fraction of buying one.




    1. Cut your design out using your Cricut or another cutter. Weed the image and set it aside. Remove the canvas from the frame, I just pilled it off, but you can pry the old staples out.
    2. Paint on the stain or paint.
    3. If you’re using stain allow it to sit on the wood for 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe off and repeat and set aside after the second coat, for it to dry. inside frame of a canvas, stained to make a reverse canvas sign
    4. Grab the canvas and cut around the rough edges leaving enough to cover the back of your canvas cutting around a canvas
    5. You should have a neat square when done. cut canvas sheet
    6. Using the EasyPress 2 Press on the HTV teal heat press vinyl on canvas
    7. Press at 315 for 20 seconds. canvas before it goes back on the frame
    8. Then Staple the canvas to the back of the frame red staple gun, stapling the back of a reverse canvas
    9. Hang using command strips reverse canvas sign hanging on the wall with teal and navy lettering

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