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Let preschoolers take the wheel with this fun and easy paper car craft. Guide the little ones as they work to make their little vehicle. The only key needed to make this car run will be creativity!

The simple instructions are below and are so easy to follow! Your little one will make their own race cars  in no time at all! Have them work on saying “vroom vroom” so that they can show off their  beautiful paper car creation!

red and yellow paper car on pink background

This project is perfect for the little ones. With a few simples steps, they will have a cute little car that they can customize and make their own. It’s a wonderful craft for a rainy day or a class project.

The colors and shapes involved in the paper car will help preschoolers learn and perfect identifying colors and the names of shapes.

They will also be able to practice following directions and being patient while they cut out shapes and wait for any glue to dry.

How To Make A Paper Car For Preschoolers

cute yellow and red paper cars

Have fun with this craft! Let the young ones choose different colors to make their cars unique in every way. This craft will help them use their minds to get creative. Kids usually look up to their parents so they may even want to replicate their mom or dad’s car! They can make their cars any length and color for this.

The paper car is perfect for both boys and girls. Their end product can be used as a fun toy or a piece of art to be displayed! Draw a road, a few trees here and there, and glue this craft on some paper to make a full work of art!

two paper cars on construction

At your local craft store, you will be able to find colored craft paper and any other materials you will need to complete the paper car. The craft is quick and easy and will be a blast for the little ones!

Tips For Making A DIY Paper Car

Make sure that they’re working on a flat surface while they’re making the triangle shapes and creases.

This is a great activity to talk about the rectangular shape that they use as the body and sides of the car while also working on using a pencil, ruler, and cardstock as well.

While they are working on the fold, gather up other fun supplies that they can use to decorate the cars.

If they want to decorate their cars to look like police cars, hot rods, or anything else, then they just need some simple art supplies that can easily make that happen!

Fun Ideas for Making Paper Cars

Keep in mind that this craft can be used for so many different things. It’s a great weekend craft idea for the kids to do or rainy day fun!

This fun car craft is also perfect for a birthday party craft or a way to grow your child’s confidence in their creative abilities.

While a lot of the steps are super important to follow as they’re written, they can easily branch out and decorate their cars to look unique and fun.

Encourage them to make this craft over and over again and to change it up differently each time. They can easily create a cool and unique car that they can add to their very own car collection!

This easy paper car craft will keep the kiddos entertained while also helping them with motor skills, creativity, and other great skills to practice! The fun never stops with these fun and fast preschool crafts.

How To Make A Paper Car For Preschoolers
Yield: 1

How To Make A Paper Car For Preschoolers

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

This project is perfect for the little ones. With just a few simples steps, they will have a cute little car that they can customize and make their own. It's a wonderful craft for a rainy day or a class project.


  • Colorful craft Papers.
  • Paper glue.
  • Marker pens.
  • Pencil.


  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  1. Use the printed PDF template to cut out the pieces for the car.
  2. Then glue the small trapezium shape on the rectangular shape by slightly overlapping them with each other.
  3. First take the small blue triangle, and then glue it on the curved side of the trapezium.
  4. Then glue the two square pieces one next to each other to finish off the windows for the car.
  5. Now take the pieces for the wheels. Glue the small grey circular pieces in the middle of the large black circular pieces.
  6. Then finish it off by gluing the wheels on the bottom of the car.

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