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Learning how to make Cricut coasters for your home will make for some great gifts and home decor. If you follow my directions for these vinyl coasters, you will have a great coaster to use around the house.

Most importantly, this project is quick and simple and will be fun to do. Following directions is the most important thing to the outcome that you want.

How To Make Coasters With The Cricut?

When you have a Cricut Maker or even Explore and Cricut design space, it’s super easy. To clarify, this set of coasters was made with 4 by 4 tiles from the hardware store.

But, everything else you can grab at the craft store. Totally optional, but you could even grab some corkboard to soften up the bottom of these ceramic coasters.

cricut coaster

The Cricut machine is the best way to do diy projects and crafts these days. There are so many fun projects that are made even easier by this machine, including these Cricut coasters.

How To Make Tile Coasters?

You can get bathroom tile at your local hardware store that is perfect for making Cricut Coasters with vinyl. Follow the same found below for your homemade coasters.

If you want a cork coaster finish, just take a hot glue gun and hot glue the cork onto the bottom of the tile.

Coasters are a great idea for a gift.

With the Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets and their brand of tile coasters, you can also use them with your heat press.

Make this great gift idea using design space images or your own SVG file. And if you feel like you need to seal it, use a thin layer of mod podge.

To make these Cricut coasters you will need:

coaster made with cricut machine

When you finish making your cute Cricut coasters, you have some options about what to do with them. You can use them in your house or gift them to someone else.

If you have a friend that moved into a new house or know a student at college, they will love to receive one of your DIY coasters. Handmade gifts are the most personal gifts.

It is so easy to get creative with this craft and make them unique. You can put names and/or quotes on this coaster -whatever you desire. The more custom they are, the better!

hand painting mod podge onto a coadster to seal in the cricut vinyl

You will have so much fun with the Cricut coasters craft and you will love what you are left with when you are done. It will not take much time at all.

If you enjoy doing crafts with the Cricut machine or making home decor in general, try doing the Rae Dunn Set, Flower Frame, and Paper Quilled Photo Frame!

Home sweet home on white coasters with greenery on a wooden table.

Grab the free SVG!

Go to file #78 in the free resource library.

Where can I send the resource library files?

    More Cricut Coaster Ideas

    How To Make Adhesive Vinyl Cricut Coasters
    Yield: 1

    How To Make Adhesive Vinyl Cricut Coasters

    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Active Time: 10 minutes
    Total Time: 20 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy
    Estimated Cost: $15

    Learn how to make coasters with the Cricut. These vinyl coasters are totally easy to make. And this great idea also makes a great gift too!


    • 4 - 4” ceramic tiles
    • Adhesive vinyl
    • Cricut Transfer Tape
    • Cricut Weeding tool
    • Cricut Spatula, or thick card
    • Mod Podge
    • Foam brush


    • Cricut Machine


    1. Open Cricut Design Space and Select “upload image”, and upload the SVG file.
    2. Once your image is uploaded, select the image, and click "insert image”.
    3. Resize the image until it is about 3.5” in height.
    4. Fit the image into the corner of the canvas, and click “group” to group the image for cutting. Then hit “Attach”
    5. Click ”duplicate” three times and arrange them to fit the canvas.
    6. Click “Make It”.
    7. Apply your vinyl sheet to the Cricut Mat. And select vinyl on the machine or screen.
    8. Load the machine. Once cutting is complete, feed the mat out of the machine.
    9. Using scissors or the paper cutter, cut each vinyl template to size, and cut transfer tape to that same size.
    10. Apply transfer tape, using a card or spatula tool to adhere the design to the transfer tape.
    11. Peel the vinyl backing so just the design is on the transfer sheet.
    12. Using the weeder tool, remove the excess vinyl from the design.
    13. Center design onto the tile, and adhere design with a card or spatula tool.
    14. Remove transfer tape from the design, and use the weeder to get out any extra vinyl in between the letters.
    15. Apply Mod Podge over the entire coaster using a foam brush.
    16. Allow to dry.

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    1. When I use the decoupage method for coasters, it’s suggested to use the high heat auto clear spray. Can I use this on the coasters made with vinyl with Cricut? Thanks

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