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This post is sponsored by Joann Fabric and Cricut. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Today my Cricut mug press came in the mail! And if you have been following me a while, then you know I love my Cricut Crafts. My Cricut mug press was no different. I was super excited to play with it.

Joann Fabric was amazing enough to send me the mug press, 12 oz mugs and 15 oz mugs, and Infusible Ink sheets that are precut to fit my Cricut Joy.

With all the hype around this new Cricut Machine, I was a little worried that it would be intimidating. Of course I should know better because I have never use a Cricut product that has intimidated me.

Cricut mug press with mug inside and Infusible Ink in the background

The set up was steps were super easy. When I opened the box there was a card with the url for Cricut Setup. And in the video you can see that the on screen prompts are really easy to follow.

Creating mugs like a pro has never been easier. The Infusible Ink transfer sheets I talked about above actually are precut so you don’t end up wasting a ton of transfer, and it fits beautifully on the Cricut Joy Mat.

The great thing about this machine is that it can be used for both Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers and also can be used for Sublimation. That tutorial is coming up very soon.

If this is the first time you’re reading about the Cricut mug press then there are a couple of things you should know before you jump in.

Top view of a cricut mug press with cricut mug inside

Cricut Mug Press FAQ

  • You do need a desktop or laptop for setup. After you set it up you can use your tablet or phone to create and design.
  • You need to use Cricut Mugs or sublimation mugs with either Infusible ink transfers, pens, or sublimation transfers.
  • You can not use heat transfer vinyl in the Cricut heat press. This press is specifically made for Infusible Ink.
  • You must allow your mug to cool before removing the transfer.
  • The Cricut mug press is cool to the touch except for the area that presses the mug.
  • During pressing your mug handle remains cool.

One of the great things about Cricuts new heat press for mugs is, you don’t have to worry about heat settings. Just apply your design, place in the mug press and close the heat plate and the press actually presses the material at the heat and time it needs.

Front close up view of a cricut heat press for mugs with a mug inside

What Do I Need To Press A Cricut Mug?

  • Cricut Machine, you can use the Cricut Maker, Explore, or the Joy.
  • Cricut Mug Blanks
  • Infusible Ink Transfers or Infusible Ink Pens (laser paper if you’re using pens)
  • Heat-resistant tape.

Cricut design space makes mug designs super easy. There are lots remade designs and also templates to help you make your own.

Make sure to check back for my upcoming tutorial, I have some really fun ideas and projects to come.

If you want to read a little more about the Press you can check out Cricut Mug Press And Everything You Need To Know. You can also see the Cricut Mug Press in action, Sublimation On A Skinny Tumbler With Cricut Mug Press and How To Use The Cricut Mug Press.

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