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How cute are these Dog coloring sheets? These free printable puppy coloring pages are a great way to get your baby working on fine motor skills and also are a great way to learn colors.

These are the perfect way to entertain the little ones. Older children and adults are also welcome to the dogs coloring page as well. 

I do not think you are ever too old to grabs some colored pencils and color a little bit. It is very relaxing and helpful in relieving stress. 

dog coloring sheets with blue backdrop; coloring pages have dog doodles, bones, houses, outside scenery, and more

It seems as though we need coloring more as we get older but we do it less. But hey, maybe we can change it up a little. 

Get The Dog Coloring Sheets

These adorable dog coloring sheets are so so cute. I am not ashamed to say I have already printed them out and colored a few. 

My favorite one to do was the dog house. Just as you can with black and white pages, I added some of my own special creativity to it, and I recommend you do the same. 

dog coloring sheets with purple backdrop; coloring pages have dog doodles, bones, houses, outside scenery, and more

After giving the dog house a rainbow pain job, draw in some flowers or butterflies to being some more pazazz to your page. There are no rules!

You can get as imaginative and creative as you want when it comes to coloring. That is where all of the fun comes from. 

Not only is it free but you can also print it as many times as you would like. Printables like these are perfect for the classroom, especially if you teach preschool or kindergarten.

Coloring is the perfect way to work on some motor skills while also having a good time. It is like enjoying your job, work that does not feel like work. 

five adorable dog doodles in black and white to be printed and colored in

Watch as the little ones get excited about their unique piece of art. It is amazing how they can turn black and white pages into a door to their imagination. 

No two coloring pages will ever look alike, which is the beauty of it all. I know my striped clouds are not likely to be done by someone else. 

There is so much fun to be had with the printable dog coloring page, and no money that needs to be used on them. Puppy coloring pages are the way to go.

Other coloring pages you should give a try would be the Spring Coloring Pages and Disney Frozen Coloring Pages!

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