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With this paper lion craft, the gates to the zoo will open up into your room. Simple and fun, this craft is perfect for anyone!

paper lion craft

Paper Lion Craft

If there is anything that sparks in interest in kids, it’s animals. Kids love animals from their pet hamsters to the giant felines at the zoo.

Mixing one of their interests with a chance to get crafty is the perfect way to keep your kiddos entertained. They will be able to create what they love.

paper lion with pink poms

Making this paper lion is very easy. With just a few materials and some time, you will have a cute little lion for your own use.

You will want to use colored craft paper for this project. How you will want to use your paper lion will determine the thickness and durability of the paper. Whatever you choose can be found at a local craft store near you.

paper craft on pink background

Whether you choose to put it on display like your other artwork or carry it around on mini adventures, the choice is yours. You have so many options when it comes to this papercraft.

Make other paper animals in addition to the paper lion in order to complete your in-home zoo. The zoo isn’t open during the winter but it can be in your house.

Don’t forget to get creative! Lions made look a certain way in the real world, but when it comes to your imagination, even blue lions with sparkles are allowed.

lion made of paper

This paper lion craft will make for a great puppet show. Make a few to really bring your zoo to life. After making a few more paper animals, maybe I’ll be paying you to stop in and take a look.

There is so much room for creativity in this craft and it is also quick and easy. The young ones will enjoy their time and the product of this cute craft.

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Easy Paper Lion
Yield: 1

Easy Paper Lion

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Making this paper lion is very easy. With just a few materials and some time, you will have a cute little lion for your own use.



  • Scissors


  1. Select orange and yellow colored craft papers for the lion papercraft. Trace the mane patterns, tail tip (teardrop), and the stripe pattern on orange colored craft paper, trace the small round shape on brown or black colored paper and trace the rest of the body patterns (body, head, legs, and tail) on yellow colored craft papers. Cut out the traced patterns.
  2. Attach the small mane pattern in the middle of the big mane pattern.
  3. Attach the 2 leg patterns on the bottom side of the lower body pattern.
  4. Attach the orange strip along the top middle side of the head and keeping it towards the inner side. Attach the small brown round shaped on the inner end of the orange strip.
  5. Attach the head in the middle of the mane pattern. Attach the tail on either side of the body pattern.
  6. Attach the head on the top side of the body pattern. Use a black marker pen to draw the eyes, whiskers, and mouth of the paper lion.

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