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Where To Sell Handmade Items [7 Easy Options]

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As a maker, I think most of us would love to make the shift from buyers to sellers. But first, you have to figure out where to sell handmade items.

I know of lots of crafters who became a crafter just to make handmade goods to sell.

And if you are like me selling your crafts is more about paying for your craft supplies lol.

But the hardest part of becoming a seller of handmade products, is where exactly should you sell your handmade crafts?

image showing places where to sell handmade items on a yellow background

Where To Sell Handmade Items?

There are lots of options for selling handmade. Some are better than others. I am going to cover several platforms that I am familiar with.

EtsyShopifyeBayAmazon HandmadeFacebook MarketplaceInstagram
Ease Of UseEasyIntermediateEasyEasyEasyEasy
Custom LookLimitedYesLimitedNoNoNo
Vanity URLYesYesNoNoNoNo
Monthly FeeNo$29$0$39.99$0$0
Listing Fees$20 ea$0Varies$0$0$0
Transactions Fees6.5%2.9%12.9%??5%+30¢5%+30¢


Etsy is probably the most known as far as where to sell your handmade items. People love Etsy because it comes with its own audience, kind of.

If you can get your title and description right you will be in the money!

However, I have seen a ton of crafters move outside of Etsy. For a few reasons:

  • listing fees
  • transaction fees
  • baseless takedown notices
  • bad reviews that are 100% unwarranted
  • and some even feel like they don’t take good care of their sellers

And this is why lots of people are moving towards their own online stores. I, myself have both an Etsy Shop and a Shopify, only because I am still building my Shopify so until I am comfortable letting it go I will keep it.

etsy logo with a pink circle with a cross

Where To Sell Handmade Items Besides Etsy


I have used many platforms over the years, but Shopify has been my favorite. This is for a few different reasons.

  • it integrates well with so many other platforms
  • it is probably the most well know e-commerce platform
  • low payment processing fee
  • great for small business owners

I like the fact that I can fully set this platform up to align with my brand. From colors to the way my products are set up, even the look and feel.

The other thing I love about shopify, is that you can embed the listings in a blog post like how I have it here in this Sunflower SVG Free Cricut Cut File.


eBay has been around for ages. And that is how long it has been since I sold with them. When I think eBay I think auction and personally I don’t care to have my products associated with an auction format, but that’s just me.

You however may sell jewelry, vintage items, or artisan items that may be a great fit for using eBay for your handmade items.

Everything boils down to personal preference. And that is a choice you will have to make yourself.

Amazon Handmade

I don’t know much about this platform. I put everything that I do know in the table above. You can get more info here at Amazon Handmade.

blue checkmark with orange free surrounded by a rectangle

Where To Sell Handmade Items For Free

Facebook Marketplace

With Facebook Marketplace you create listings similar to what you would do on eBay or another platform. The benefit to the Facebook marketplace is that you can do everything right in the app. No subscriptions and no registration fee to sell.

Facebook also integrated well with Shopify!


With Instagram, you would either set up a one-time integration or you can use your inbox to collect sales.


This isn’t really a place to buy and sell, but you can make it. You would make videos, either process or final product, and attempt to get sales based on your video views. Sometimes you get very lucky.

With this method, you would take care of purchases, usually in your inbox which could get a little messy. So I would recommend using TikToc in conjunction with other online marketplaces so that you can easily keep up with your orders.


Selling local is also an option. A great way to start doing this is to use your personal Facebook page. Share your creations, but not in a salesy way. Allow people to ask you pricing, and give it to them, don’t tell them to inbox for pricing because this practice looks very shady.

Are You Just Getting Started With Your Small Business Journey?

Don’t be afraid, just go for it. For starters, I would choose a specific niche, don’t be too broad. For instance accessories or t-shirts. Then decide your retail prices and if you choose wholesale prices too.

And if you are on the fence about the cutting machine you need to achieve your goals check out the posts below.

Figuring out where to sell handmade items is going to be different for each person and their needs. Hopefully, this blog post helps you figure out where to sell handmade items.

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