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Of all of the DIY Wall Art Ideas I have had, this is 1 of my favorites. This Cricut Art is a really easy diy wall decor idea.

And you won’t break the bank and no messy spray paint either! 

Above all, you can make just about any image that you love into the most amazing DIY wall decor. This image can either be printed and framed or you can cut with your cutting machine, like explore air or silhouette.

silhouette of a child playing with butterfly on a canvas above a couch.

You can also very easily make this wall hanging your own, for example

  • make paper flowers and attach them to to the frame with hot glue
  • Add colored vinyl to have an accent wall with the look of a colorful painting

You can make so many works of art with Cricut vinyl. All you need is a Cricut Machine and Cricut Design Space will walk you through getting it cut out, step by step.

How Do I Make My Own Wall Art Prints?

Just follow these really easy steps!Request the files be emailed to you below.

  • Print the file.
  • Put it in your favorite frame.
  • Hang your new wall art.

This is 1 of many Cricut wall art ideas here on Color Me Crafty. Click around a bit to check out more. You can use any machine, from the Cricut Explore right to the Cricut Joy.

Certainly, if you want more DIY wall art ideas then check out the DIY home decor section of my blog. And you can find some amazing images that you can turn into wall art right in Cricut design space.

Easy Wall Art With Cricut Vinyl + Free Cut Files

square framed wall art print near other art prints and a clock with diy artwork of a child with butterflies next to a tree

To Clarify, this DIY wall art idea is simple to make. This wall art would also go amazingly on a gallery wall with other pieces of art.

You can even go a step further by making it match your living room color palette by using both colored paper and colored vinyl, making your wall decor bright and colorful.

And, all you need is just a few tools, you can make the dullest wall looks pretty amazing. Here is what you will need.

framed diy wall art of a chiled nest to a tree plwuing with a butterfly on-a blue color wall

Grab The Free DIY Wall Art SVG Below

My free svg for this easy DIY wall art project even works on a blank canvas, I have a great post for that coming up very soon.

Just put the design onto the canvas, paint over it and then once it dries remove the vinyl and you have an amazing colored canvas.

side view of diy wall art of a child playing near a tree with a butterfly, silhouetted image

Grab The Free DIY Wall Art Files

This is a fun and inexpensive project that could easily be made for well under $5 if you have it to lay around what most of us Cricut crafters do, just to sum it up.

In addition, don’t forget to grab the free SVG. These make a great but, to use as home decor, you can even give them as a gift.

Similar framed art goes for as much as around $129.99, like this Framed Print of Children in Kensington Gardens in silhouette. I’d say it’s a win anytime you can both save money and make it yourself!

square framed art print near other art prints and a clock with diy artwork
Yield: 1

Easy DIY Wall Art With Cricut Vinyl + Free Cut Files

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

DIY wall art is a great way to make a ho-hum space looking amazing. Cricut wall art is really easy to make using your Explore Air or even your Maker. This DIY Wall Decor is super simple, just download the free SVG and upload right into design space, resize and cut!


  1. Download the file
  2. Upload to Cricut Design Space
  3. Resize to your frame size
  4. Place the vinyl, vinyl side up onto your Cricut mat
  5. Load into the cutting machine
  6. Click make it in design space
  7. DO NOT MIRROR, click continue
  8. Select your machine
  9. Adjust the cut settings to vinyl
  10. Press go
  11. Remove the vinyl when it is done cutting
  12. Remove the vinyl from the mat, to keep the vinyl from curling, lay the mat on a surface vinyl side down and while holding your vinyl remove the mat
  13. Using the weeding tool remove the cut areas that you wont use
  14. Cut a piece of transfer tape the size of your design
  15. Remove the paper backing from the transfer tape and place on top of your image
  16. Using the craper, scrape both sides to help with transferring to the transfer tape
  17. Gently pull back the tape
  18. Place the transferred design onto the card stock and gently transfer to the cardstock
  19. Place the image into your frame
  20. Hang your art


Try this design on a painted canvas. Paint the canvas 1 color and then add vinyl over top of it, you could even give it a little more life using some washi tape.

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