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Make gift-giving even more fun with these unique Cricut acrylic gift tags.

So many gift tags look the same, But, you can add a personal touch to your presents with these Cricut acrylic gift tags. They are perfect for any holiday or occasion.

One great thing about making your own tags with a Cricut machine and Cricut Design space is that you can use different colors on your tags to match whatever wrapping paper you are using.

If you are using plain wrapping paper, like black or white paper, then these acrylic gift tags will add a bit of decoration and make your gift feel fancy.

Cute gift tag on white and black gift boxes.

How do you make homemade gift tags?

Anyone you are giving a gift to, including co-workers, friends, grandparents, and really any family member, will love a present from you with a homemade gift tag. It gives your present a personal touch and shows you care.

Plus, making homemade gift tags is actually a lot easier than you think. There are many different ways you can do it. My favorite way is with a cutting machine like the Cricut or Silhouette machines.

These machines do precision cutting which gives your homemade gift tag a high quality look, like you bought it at a store.

Cricut acrylic gift tag on a black present with white ribbon.

How do I make gift labels on Cricut?

Who doesn’t love making Cricut crafts? I know I do.

To make gift labels with a Cricut machine, I recommend using an SVG file. These are vector images so you can change the size and color of the graphic easily without ruining the quality.

First, you either need to make an SVG file or find one that you can use. I’ve included a free one in this blog post which you can get when you fill in the form below. Simply enter your name and email address, and I will send you an email with the download file.

Once you have downloaded your SVG file, you can upload it into Cricut Design space to customize it, change colors, and adjust the size.

Then, cut out your final design and put it all together. I’ve included instructions at the end of this blog post on how to make these exact gift tags you see in the picture.

Unique cricut acrylic gift tag on white gift box.

How do you make reusable gift tags?

Most gift tags end up in the garbage because they can’t be re-used. This is really sad, especially when it’s a pretty one. Is it possible to make reusable gift tags instead?

Acrylic gift tags can be reused over and over again as they are made of more durable materials.

What supplies do I need to make this Cricut acrylic gift tag?

For this project, you only need 4 supplies and 4 tools. If you don’t have everything you need, you should be able to find what you’re missing at your local craft store.

Target may even have what you need. I love Target’s craft section. You might be surprised at how much they have available.

For materials, you will need:

  • Permanent vinyl
  • Piece of transfer tape
  • Acrylic tags
  • 5⁄8” or 7⁄8” ribbon or tulle of choice 

And the tools you will need are:

  • Green Cricut cutting mat
  • Weeding tool
  • Scraper tool
  • Cricut machine
The supplies you need to make cricut acrylic gift tag.

What Cricut Vinyl To Use On Acrylic

I get asked a lot what kind of vinyl should be used on acrylic, and the best answer is permanent, adhesive vinyl. This kind of vinyl is durable, long-lasting, and looks really nice.

I wouldn’t recommend using iron-on vinyl or heat transfer vinyl as they will not last as long with the acrylic.

Can Cricut Cut Through Acrylic?

Many Cricut machines, like the Cricut Maker, will cut acrylic. But not all of them will. The Cricut Explore Air and the Cricut Joy are two Cricut machines that you can’t use to cut acrylic.

Make sure you look at the manual that came with your Cricut machine before you attempt to cut acrylic.

I find it much easier to just buy the pre-cut acrylic gift tags. You can find them here on Etsy for a really good price and makes this DIY project much simpler.

Cricut acrylic gift tag that you can use when wrapping your presents.

How do you stick gift tags on presents?

You can use your handmade gift tags for your entire family and their presents. But how do you stick the gift tags to the actual presents? Here are some ideas.

If you are wrapping presents in a box, then you can attach your gift tag to some ribbon. Wrap it around the box, and then tie a bow to make sure your gift tag doesn’t fall off the ribbon.

If you are using a gift bag to wrap things like a bottle of wine, then you can attach your gift tag to the ribbon handles of the bag.

If you are making a gift basket, you can attach your gift tag to the handles. You might also like to wrap your basket once it is made into plastic. Then, you can tie the plastic together at the top with your gift tag and some ribbon.

Clear acrylic gift tags with gold letters on black and white wrapped presents.

Grab the free SVG!

Go to file #81 in the free resource library.

Where can I send the resource library files?

    Other Free SVG Files Like This Cricut Acrylic Gift Tag

    If you want some different gift tag SVG files that you can use for your homemade gift tags, then I think you will like some of these other free SVG files.

    Cute cricut acrylic gift tag on white and black gift boxes.
    Yield: 1

    Cricut Acrylic Gift Tags With Free SVG

    Add a personal touch to your presents with these Cricut acrylic gift tags. Includes a free SVG to get started fast.


    • Permanent Vinyl
    • Transfer Tape
    • Acrylic Tags
    • 5⁄8” or 7⁄8” Ribbon or Tulle of Choice


    • Green Cricut Cutting Mat
    • Weeding Tool
    • Scraper Tool
    • Cricut


      1. Download the SVG file and upload it file into design space
      2. Adjust the phrases to fit your acrylic tags. Mine are sized 2.6"x1.3" and I used a tag that is 3.5"x2". Click make it to continue to the next screen and then mirror the design. Adjust the material setting to washi tape (for delicate cuts).
      3. Load the vinyl onto the cutting mat, and put it into the machine. Hit the cut button to cut it out. Print out what you will need for these cricut acrylic gift tag.
      4. Weed the vinyl. Weed the vinyl of your cricut acrylic gift tag.
      5. Transfer the design to transfer tape using the scraper. Transfer the design to transfer tape using the scraper.
      6. Now transfer to the acrylic tag. Transfer the design to transfer tape using the scraper for a finished look.
      7. Attach the ribbon and add it to your gift. Attach the ribbon and add the cricut acrylic gift tag to your gift.

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