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It was a disaster the first time I tried making puff vinyl shirts. And I’m not just saying that! 

Basically, there is a technique for learning how to get the perfect puff vinyl shirts, and that’s what I am showing you in this blog post. 

But why use puff heat transfer vinyl, to begin with? Why not just use regular vinyl? 

Listen, I love using regular HTV. You can even see I used it on this project made with the free SVG I share in this blog post! 

Mom life printed onto a blue shirt with white and yellow puff vinyl on a white surface.

But puff vinyl has a unique texture and 3-D effect, which gives it a different finished look. Moreover, there is definitely a puff vinyl trend happening right now. 

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to jazz up your t-shirt, sweater, or tote bag designs, consider puff HTV vinyl! 

What Is Puff Vinyl? 

Puff vinyl is like the secret magic of the crafting world. It’s a type of heat-transfer vinyl (HTV) that, when heated, puffs up to create a super cool, raised effect on your fabric. 

It’s like a 3-D effect. 

What’s even more remarkable about Puff Vinyl is that you can pair it with other types of adhesive vinyl, too. You can see here I paired puff vinyl with glitter vinyl and plain yellow heat-transfer-vinyl. 

White glitter vinyl, yellow vinyl, and white puff vinyl all used together on a blue fabric t-shirt.

What You Need To Make The Perfect Puff Vinyl Shirts

To make a t-shirt with the puff effect, the following materials are needed:

  • Puff Vinyl Material
  • Transfer Paper
  • Cutting Machine (like the Cricut Maker or Silhouette Cameo)
  • Cutting Mat 
  • Heat Press Machine (like the Cricut Easy Press or HTVRont)
  • Weeding Tool
  • Scissors
  • T-shirt or garment to apply the design
Mom life made with different kinds of vinyl, including a puff vinyl on a blue shirt.

Should You Do Test Presses Before Making Puff Vinyl Shirts?

Doing a few test runs with your puff vinyl and heat press machine is obviously a good idea. 

Every heat press machine behaves differently, and puff vinyl is very sensitive. Too much pressure, too low of heat, etc., can result in puff vinyl that isn’t very puffy at all. 

To do this, find some extra fabric or an old T-shirt. Then, cut it up into fabric strips that you can use for your test presses. 

You’ll also want to use any excess vinyl to do your tests. 

What Perfect Puff Vinyl Shirts Look Like

So, how do you know when your puff vinyl game is on point? 

Picture this: your design on your puff vinyl shirts should rise like a champion with no funky wrinkles or bubbles. 

It’s smooth, it’s puffy, and it’s bound to turn heads wherever you go. 

If your t-shirt looks like a 3D work of art, you’ve nailed it!

Blue fabric t-shirt with a puff vinyl design that says mom life three times.

Understanding What Went Wrong If Your Puff Vinyl Shirts Fail

Unless you’re some secret puff vinyl master, it won’t be surprising if your first try goes completely wrong. (And sometimes it’s several tries.) 

But what went wrong? 

​Here are the most common problems to look out for. 

  1. Temperature Troubles: Your vinyl won’t puff up if your heat press isn’t hot enough. Make sure you’re cooking at the right temperature. Similarly, if the heat press is too hot, it can cause the vinyl to crinkle or crack instead of puff. 
  2. Too Much Pressure: Applying a lot of pressure when pressing your vinyl can squish the puff heat transfer vinyl. For the best results, do test presses. 
  3. Old and Tired Vinyl: Puff vinyl has a shelf life. It might not puff as it should if it’s been sitting around for ages.
  4. Fabric Fiascos: Not all fabrics are created equal. Some materials work better with puff vinyl than others. Cotton, polyester, or cotton/polyester blends will be your best options. 
  5. Too Intricate Of A Design: Puff vinyl does not work well with small designs or intricate details. Instead, find simple designs large enough to work with puff vinyl.  

It’s also important to pay attention to how long your design is in the heat press machine. Puff vinyl works best on most heat press machines in 10-15 seconds. 

pressing back of black shirt with the easypress 2

What to Craft with Puffy Vinyl?

When you’re ready to take your puff vinyl crafting to the next level, you’ll be pleased to learn there are numerous things you can make in addition to custom shirts. 

  1. Statement Sweatshirts: Elevate your loungewear game with puffy messages that scream style and comfort.
  2. Custom Tote Bags: Personalize canvas totes with puff vinyl for a one-of-a-kind shopping companion.
  3. Cool Caps: Make your baseball caps pop with a puffy logo or slogan.
  4. Children’s Clothing: Elevate any simple design on your children’s clothing so their clothes stand out from the rest. 

Small businesses can also sell puff vinyl products in your store, online, or at your local farmer’s market. 

How to Care for Puff Vinyl Shirts

Puff vinyl shirts are a unique and stylish addition to any wardrobe. However, caring for them properly is essential to ensure they remain in good condition and continue to look their best. 

Here are some tips for caring for your puff vinyl shirts:

Mom life in white and yellow three times printed on a blue t-shirt on a white table.


Whether it’s the first wash or the twentieth, puff vinyl shirts should be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. You’ll also want to keep the shirt inside out in your washing machine. 

In addition to the cold water, you’ll want to avoid using bleach and fabric softeners altogether, as these can damage the vinyl and cause it to crack or peel. 

Finally, using a mild detergent and washing it separately from other clothing items is best to prevent damage.


It’s crucial to air-dry puff vinyl shirts, as putting them in the dryer can cause the vinyl to melt or warp. Hang the shirt to dry straightaway, and avoid direct sunlight or heat sources.


If your puff vinyl shirt has wrinkles, it’s best to use a cool iron on the reverse side of the shirt. Avoid ironing directly on the vinyl, as this can cause it to melt or stick to the iron.


When storing your puff vinyl shirt, avoid folding it, as this can cause creases in the vinyl. Instead, hang the shirt up in a cool, dry place.

By following these simple care instructions, you can keep your puff vinyl shirts looking great for years to come!

Freebie Alert: Mom Life SVG File!

Did I mention I’ve got a sweet freebie for you? 

I’m giving away an adorable Mom Life SVG file, perfect for your next puff vinyl shirt project. It’s all about celebrating the superhero moms in our lives, and who wouldn’t want to wear that with pride with a pop of personality from the puffy vinyl? 

Download the free SVG, upload it into Cricut Design Space, and get creating. 

Learn the perfect technique to achieve the perfect puff vinyl shirts in this step-by-step guide, including a free SVG file.

Grab the free SVG!

Go to file #90 in the free resource library.

Where can I send the resource library files?

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    Learn the perfect technique to achieve the perfect puff vinyl shirts in this step-by-step guide, including a free SVG file.


    • Old T-shirt or Fabric (for testing)
    • Puff Vinyl
    • Transfer Paper
    • Heat Tape (sometimes needed to keep vinyl in place on the mat)


    • Cricut Machine (or other cutting machine)
    • Cutting Mat
    • EasyPress (or other heat press machine)
    • Weeding Tool
    • Scissors


    1. Grab an old T-shirt you can use to test the puff vinyl.
    2. Cut some strips or shapes out of the puff vinyl.
    3. Lay the fabric on a grip mat along with the puff vinyl shapes you cut out.
    4. Following your manufacturer's instructions, set the temperature on your heat press.
    5. Press the time and pressure settings that are mentioned in the instructions too.
    6. The puff vinyl should look smooth and cool, not wrinkly. If you see wrinkles, you need to check three things: your pressure, your time, and your heat settings.
    7. You should press with the most pressure you can and still be able to open your press.
    8. Once you've perfected the settings on your heat press machine, grab the free SVG file to make your own t-shirt with puff vinyl.

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