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There is no better way to start celebrating Christmas than by making this Cricut Joy Christmas ornament! It will add a beautiful touch to your tree.

With help from your Cricut, you will have gorgeous decorations to add to your tree this year. The best part is, it will not take you a long time and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

cricut joy christmas ornaments

Cricut Joy Christmas Ornament

Making your ornament will be a simple task that you can enjoy with your family. That is what Christmas is all about right? Being with those you love and care for.

This project is quick and easy which is why it is perfect for the whole family to do. The free SVG files attached will also make the process a lot more easier for you.

Even if you are new to Cricut, the directions and pictures that come along with the Cricut Joy Christmas ornament will make it easy. Learning something new can be challenging and frustrating, but this will be easy!

cute tree ornaments

The Cricut Joy Christmas ornament will look amazing on your tree along with your other ones. You will find them more special since you made it yourself!

These ornaments will also make great gifts for you to give to your friends and family. Homemade gifts are more personal and you can customize it a little bit.

You can change up the design if you want something in particular to match your other decorations. You can also personalize them for your friends and family as well.

ornaments made with cricut

You will have a good time working on your Cricut Joy Christmas ornament this year. It is a craft that you will be able to reuse every year when Christmas rolls around!

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cute tree ornaments
Yield: 1

Cricut Joy Christmas Ornament With Free SVG

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

The Cricut Joy Christmas ornament will look amazing on your tree along with your other ones. You will find them more special since you made it yourself!




  1. Gather supplies.cute tree ornaments
  2. Paint both sides of the wood slices in white.
  3. Ensure paint dries fully before proceeding.
  4. Upload the Owl.Deer.Tree SVG File into Design Space.
  5. With the image highlighted, click on “Ungroup” to separate the images.
  6. Adjust image sizes to fit your wood slices accordingly or maintain size as provided.
  7. Highlight the owl and click on “Attach”.
  8. Duplicate the images to have for both sides of the wood slice.
  9. Ensure the machine is set to Cricut Joy and select “Make It” in Design Space.
  10. Choose “With Mat” as the option for cutting when using regular Cricut Vinyl.
  11. Set material type to Glitter Vinyl.
  12. Follow prompts for loading the mat into the Cricut Joy and cutting the Glitter Vinyl. When prompted, unload the vinyl from the cutting machine.
  13. Cut around each word and image with a pair of scissors.
  14. Using the weeding tool, peel away the excess vinyl and discard.
  15. Cut a piece of transfer tape a bit larger than the size of the phrase or image.
  16. Peel away the transfer tape backing and place the transfer tape over the top of the cut image. Gently rub the vinyl to help it stick to the transfer tape.
  17. Peel away the vinyl backing and place the image on to the one side of the wood slice. Gently rub the vinyl to help it stick to the wood slice. You can use a Cricut scraper tool for this.
  18. Carefully and slowly peel away the transfer tape.
  19. Alternatively, peel the glitter vinyl image off the backing and place it directly on to the wood slice without using the transfer tape.
  20. Repeat for the other wood slices. For the owl ornament, place the body of the owl on to the wood slice first, then stick the scarf piece over top.
  21. Cut three pieces of ribbon 9” long. Insert the end of the ribbon through the hole at the top of the wood slice and tie ends together.

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