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Cricut Joy Fathers Day BBQ Dry Rub Jar Idea

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Making a dry rub jar is the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad! There is not much else that they love over grilling so this present will be perfect!

The Cricut Joy makes so many crafts easier, including this one. The steps are simple and the outcome is amazing!

Making A Dry Rub Jar

dry rub jar made with cricut

To make your perfect Father’s Day gift, you will just need a few things. When you have gathered the materials that you will need, you can get started on this easy craft.

Using the Cricut Joy will not only make things easier but it will also speed up the process. If you waited until last minute- don’t worry, I’m not judging- and you need something quick and easy, you’ve found it.

BBQ seasoning mix jars

For this craft, you will need a grip mat and transfer tape to complete it. If you choose to use Cricut Joy Smart Labels, you will not have to worry about using transfer tape or a mat.

You can download my SVG files into Design Space to have access to cute phrases that can be put on the dry rub jar. This will add some spice to your jar as well!

You can use any jar that you’d like for this craft. I would recommend using a mason jar because they have tight seals to keep everything fresh.

grill master dry rub jar

Take your time when choosing sizes and colors for your dry rub jar. Although the craft is quick, you will get the best results if you work carefully.

Once you finish and you add your delicious spice combinations to the dry rub jar, you can add some twine or a bow, and then it will be ready to gift. Next time you are enjoying your dad’s BBQ, you have yourself to thank!

Fathers are not always the easiest to shop for but this homemade gift is always a winner. No need to stress anymore because the answer you have been needing is right here.

Here’s another great idea for dad, this Clock With Cricut Vinyl is super easy to make.

And here are some rubs you can add to your jars Homemade Taco Seasoning and Hidden Valley Ranch Packet Recipe.

Cricut Joy Fathers Day BBQ Dry Jar Idea
Yield: 1

Cricut Joy Fathers Day BBQ Dry Jar Idea

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Making a dry rub jar is the perfect Father's Day gift for your dad! There is not much else that they love over grilling so this present will be perfect!




Gather supplies, download the free SVG file, and thoroughly wash jars with soap and hot water and let them dry completely before using.

  1. Upload Father’s Day “Grill Master” SVG File into Design Space.
  2. Click Ungroup.
  3. Click and drag over each of the images separately. With the image highlighted, click on the “Weld” button”. Repeat for all phrases.
  4. Adjust image sizes to fit mason jars accordingly. The largest “Grill Master” image was sized to 3.5” high on the Design Space canvas to fit an 8 oz jar.
  5. Color sync the images if needed to match the vinyl color.
  6. Select “Make It” in Design Space.
  7. Set material type to Premium Vinyl.
  8. Follow prompts for loading the mat into the Cricut Maker or Cricut Joy and cutting the Premium Vinyl. When prompted, unload the mat from the cutting machine.
  9. Remove the Premium Vinyl from the mat.
  10. Cut around each image with a pair of scissors.
  11. Using the weeding tool, peel away the excess vinyl around the cut images and discard.
  12. Cut a piece of transfer tape a bit larger than the size of the image.
  13. Peel away the transfer tape backing and place the transfer tape over top of the cut image. Gently rub the vinyl to help it stick to the transfer tape.
  14. Peel away the vinyl backing, leaving just the image adhered to the transfer tape.
  15. Position the phrase with the transfer tape on to the smooth side of a jar and press in place.
  16. Press the vinyl image down with your fingers or with the Cricut scraping tool to help it to stick to the glass jar.
  17. Slowly and carefully remove the transfer tape leaving the vinyl image on the jar.
  18. Repeat for the other mason jars and images
  19. To finish, fill the mason jars with your favorite BBQ seasoning mixes and tie a piece of ribbon or twine around the jar lid.

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Shirl Lundstrom

Friday 1st of May 2020

Love this! Very cool labels. Thank you!

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