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The Amazon Prime Early Access sale is in full swing. And while most people are looking for the best amazon prime day deals on things like a smart tv or a great deal on other big ticket items, I know that you are here to find the best prime day sale on craft supplies.

I did all of the work for you on all of the best Prime Day Early Access Deals for crafters.

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022

These big savings are a good way to start off your holiday shopping season early.

Before you can get the lowest price or the best deal on anything you will need to have amazon prime. If you don’t already have them you can grab them below.

Cricut Machines

The only Prime Day Deal I could find for Cricut Machines was this Cricut Maker Deal. This is a really good deal in comparison to the regular prices.

Cricut Materials

There are lots of amazing deals on materials to use with your Cricut and other cutting machines. Everything from vinyl to cutting mats. These deep discounts will get you started on your Cricut Making journey in no time.

Laser Cutters

If you have been eyeballing laser cutters and thinking about getting your hands on 1. Today is the perfect day to grab yours. If you are a first time laser user then this xTool M1 10w Compact 3-in-1 Laser Engraver & Cutting Machine is an amazing price right now.

Laser Safe Materials

Amazing deals on laser safe materials. Stock up with all of the acrylic deals and wood deals.

Heat Presses

Prime day is offering a variety of heat presses. There are a few different types and sizes.

Tumbler Presses

If you have been waiting on grabbing a tumbler press. Don’t wait any longer! Grab it today!


I wasn’t able to find any deals on sublimation printers but I did find deals on sublimation ink, sublimation paper and sublimation blanks.

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