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This butterfly framed decor will look great hanging on a wall inside your home. Not only is it fun, but it is also easy and you will absolutely love your finished product.

Making your own decorations for your home takes some guts and a little bit of creativity. The Cricut machine will aid you in getting the best possible outcome.

butterfly framed decor

Framed Butterfly Decor

This framed butterfly decor craft is simple and easy with the help of your Cricut machine. You will also have SVG files to take a few steps out of the design process.

It really does not get much easier than this. The directions are simple to follow, you will have SVG files, and the Cricut machine does most of the hard work for you.

When you hang your finished product, you will be so shocked with how well it will turn out and how simple it was to begin with. Your guests will love it too!

pink butterflies on grey background

When doing a craft like the framed butterfly decor, it can get pretty easy to follow the directions exactly. But sometimes, it is okay to make a few changes to make it more unique and special to you.

May you would like to use different colors or make it a bigger or smaller size than what the directions say. It is completely up to you because it is your craft and your home.

You can also make this and give it to your family or friends. You can personalize the text and fonts to make it better suit what you would like to do with your decor.

white framed decor with butterflies

There is so much fun to be had with the framed butterfly decor. You can make it your own and make it fit the look you are wanting.

You will love your outcome and your family and friends will love it just as much!

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pink butterflies on grey background
Yield: 1

How To Make Easy Butterfly Framed Decor

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $20

This framed butterfly decor craft is simple and easy with the help of your Cricut machine. You will also have SVG files to take a few steps out of the design process. 



  • Cricut machine with fine point blade


  1. Cut and apply the vinyl to Cricut Standard Grip Mat.
  2. Upload the Spread your wings and fly SVG file into Design Space, then insert an image for a new project.
  3. Click and drag the image into the left corner, and resize to a height of about 2.845”.
  4. Click “Attach” to cut the file as a whole piece.
  5. Click “Flip” --> then “Horizontal”.
  6. Click “Make It” in Design Space, and set the material type on the machine to “Vinyl”.
  7. Follow prompts to load and cut.
  8. Unload when finished cutting.
  9. Once the design is cut, if you need to trim excess vinyl, do so now.
  10. Cut transfer tape to size.
  11. Using the weeding tool, remove all excess vinyl from the design.
  12. Place transfer tape over design, and smooth with Cricut Spatula or thick card.
  13. Disassemble the photo frame, removing the backing, glass, and any decorative image that came inside the frame.
  14. Center the design onto the backside of your photo frame glass, and adhere using the Cricut Spatula, or thick card.
  15. Cut cardstock to size to fill the frame, (likely 4”x6”, or close to).
  16. Flip the frame upside down. Place the glass back into the frame, and place the cardstock on top of the glass. Replace backing to the frame.


  1. All you need for this method is a 5x7 frame and a printer.
  2. Print out the image in the size of 5 by 7 and insert it into the frame.

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