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Do you want to weigh the options of buying vs making SVG files for Cricut? Check out the easy-to-follow comparison table plus the bonus video.

When I started on my digital crafting journey, I really had no idea where to start. But now that I’ve tackled a project (or two million), I’m spilling all the tea on buying SVGs vs. Making SVG Files For Cricut. And all the pitfalls that might occur and all the fun that can be had.

It’s going to be so much fun, either way, so strap in because we’re about to get all sorts of digitally crafty in every way.

screenshot of adobe illustrator typing text to Making SVG Files For Cricut

There’s no way I could possibly do what I do without having learned how to make my own cut files for my Cricut projects. But that doesn’t a) mean I’m an expert or b) that this is the right thing for everyone. I love designing and creating something new – but sometimes, someone else has come up with a stunning and fun design that I just can’t live without. So buying it is the right thing for the moment.

Either way, taking those design elements and putting them on a shirt or a mug is my jam. I just love seeing it ALL come to life.

Buying SVGs vs. Making SVG Files For Cricut

When you are first starting out making projects with your Cricut, you might have never touched digital crafting before, so designing might be just one more thing you feel like will eventually be on your list of things to learn. But it doesn’t have to be. Really, it’s whatever is right for you.

But there are some distinct disadvantages to learning how to make SVGs.

So, to help clarify some of the more tangible pros and cons, I put together a quick and efficient table, just to distill it into an easily digestible method. But, if tables leave your head spinning, keep reading. I’ll also dig into more of the details below about more things that just don’t fit neatly in a table.

cover photo to how to make an svg for cricut
Buying SVGs vs. Making SVG Files For Cricut ComparisonBuying SVGsMaking SVG Files For Cricut
Color ControlNoneAll the Control Ever
Can I Sell Them?No Yes
Can I Sell Items Using the Designs?Depends Yes*
Time SpentImmediate DownloadUp to You
*Except for trademarked characters, but that’s a whole different discussion.

There’s nothing more fun than answers that are vague or “depends” right?! I know that might be annoying, but the deal is that the answers are just more than can fit in a neat little table. So, let’s get a little more detailed really dig into some of the options you have.

Do You Have to Make SVGs? Are There Other File Types You Can Make?

All of the cutting machines I’m familiar with use SVGs as for their “primary” cut files to make things like heat transfers and similar designs. They’re just shapes using vector points to make the desired designs. In order to cut your typical design, it’s as simple as just uploading your design file to Cricut Design Space, walking through all the prompts to tell the machine to make your design into precise cutting lines for vinyl lettering or transfers, drawn lines (using a pen or marker) or printing lines that are perfect for sewing patterns, or cut and emboss paper projects.

But besides SVGs, cutting machines can use JPGs, PNGs and more. Each file type will have different capabilities. For example, PNGs with a transparent background will work well for print-then-cut projects like stickers or sublimation designs. Whereas JPGs make good print-then-cut projects that don’t require a transparent background.

If creating SVGs seems a little daunting, making PNGs might be a “designing lite” option. But the more you learn and practice, the more at ease you’ll become with each file type and their capabilities.


Where Can you Buy SVGs?

If making an SVG is just not your thing (which I TOTALLY respect – I was there once, too), there are a TON of places to buy SVGs. Honestly, you can just drop the question into your favorite search engine and you’ll have a million results to choose from. They can be free or cost a dollar – or more for some of the more fun and detailed designs.

Some of my favorite places to get my design files are:

  • My Library Here
  • Craft Bundles
  • The Hungry JPG
  • Creative Market
  • Love SVG
  • Creative Fabrica
  • Creative Market
  • Design Bundles
  • Etsy

What Do You Need to Make SVGs?

Making SVGs is a labor of learning, unless you already have a digital design background. But it can be done and there are a ton of tutorials you can find to help you learn each tool you might use to make your cut files.

Some of my favorite tools for making my design files are:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Procreate
  • Inkscape
  • Vektr
  • Corel Draw
  • Krita
  • Gravit Designer
  • Affinity Designer

Are There SVG Design Classes?

Yes, there are a ton of classes out thereon Making SVG Files For Cricut. There’s nothing more helpful than taking a course, in my opinion, when you’re starting a few adventure. So, here are some of the courses I found to be helpful (and yes, I still take some, even though I’ve designed a few things): (JAMELA: I JUST THOUGHT IF YOU HAD ANY AFFILIATES THIS MIGHT BE A GOOD PLACE FOR THEM)

Can You Sell SVGs You Make?

Yes, once you learn how to make SVGs, you can absolutely list them for free or for sale. There are some caveats, like with trademarked characters and things like that, which would require a whole new discussion. But, beyond that, with your own original designs, you can absolutely sell them.

Some places I like to sell my own designs are:

Which is Best: Making SVG Files For Cricut or Buying Them?

This is really going to depend on you. If you want start Making SVG Files For Cricut, there’s a great time to be had making the designs and seeing them come to life on your shirts or whatever you’re making.

But, there’s also a lot to be said, especially if you’re making just a single t-shirt or even a handful without having to spend the time Making SVG Files For Cricut. Alternatively, if you plan to be making a very large number of products, spending a lot of time learning to make your own cut files might not be the most efficient use of your time.

So, it’s really up to you and what you plan on doing with your time.

If you appreciate this post, keep in mind that you might want to review it again, or someone you know might find it helpful, so please pin it to your favorite crafting board on Pinterest. I would sincerely appreciate the share!

And to sum things up the Cricut cutting machines, no matter the series, they’re an AWESOME addition to any crafter or maker’s tool-box. So, grab a few supplies and lets get crafting!

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